ASACLEAN™ Launches Free ‘Asaclean University’ Learning Program at the University of Akron

By:Tom Hanvey on abril 4, 2019

Sun Plastech, Inc. introduced a free purging educational program with an on-campus presentation at the University of Akron’s National Polymer Innovation Center

Asaclean University launch
Packard explaining how purging compounds aid in color changes.

Parsippany, NJ –Sun Plastech, Inc., the manufacturer and distributor of ASACLEAN™, the world’s #1 bestselling purging compound, recently launched a new program that aims to help students create value once they begin their careers in plastics. Asaclean University is a complimentary, on-site, educational program designed to teach students about purging compounds and their role in a production environment. The program offers a choice of several customizable lectures designed around different topics. These topics are flexible and can be catered to each program’s specific interests or needs.

Asaclean University launch
Students and faculty watch as Jarred Packard of Asaclean demonstrates how to save money on scrap.

On March 22nd, 2019, Asaclean Project Engineer Jarred Packard visited the National Polymer Innovation Center at the University of Akron for the official launch of the Asaclean University program as part of the Center’s “Five-Star Event Friday” series.  The attending students and faculty enjoyed a customized “Purging 101” lecture, a Q&A session, a catered lunch, and a live color change demonstration in the Center’s state-of-the-art lab.

Shortly after the product demonstration, Randy Marvel, the Director of the National Polymer Innovation Center shared his thoughts on the complimentary program. Marvel said, “the Asaclean U Purging 101 program provided a great baseline understanding of purging processes and why they are important to industrial applications.  The combination of classroom and on-machine demonstration sparked many questions by the students attending.” He continued, “It was a great learning experience especially for the students seeking careers in industry after graduation.”

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