Kleiss Gears, Inc. – Grantsburg, Wisconsin

Established in 1991, Kleiss Gears specializes in the custom design and manufacture of injection-molded polymer gears with a full range of gearing services including design, prototypes, tooling, molding, inspection and testing. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, it works closely with its clients to custom design gears for the unique application – producing a total system that works, not just a gear.

Resins Processed:
Acetal, Nylon, Vectra, and PEEK

Processing Temperatures:
400°F – 700°F

Purging Scenario:
The average time it had been taking to remove, clean and reinstall their screws was 5 hours. When changing from low- temperature materials to high-temperature materials inclusions were present in first molded parts.

Switching to ASACLEAN has reduced the number of times that Kleiss Gears pulls and manually cleans screws by 50%. The amount of parts scrapped has also been reduced by 50%.

Kleiss Gears uses ASACLEAN U Grade for purging lower-temperature resins and ASACLEAN PX Grade for purging high-temperature resins.

By using ASACLEAN products, Kleiss Gears is able to realize substantial savings by reducing the amount of time spent on screw removal for cleaning between mold changes. Kleiss Gears is very satisfied with ASACLEAN Purging Compounds — they work very well in our shop.

– Larry Merrifield, Production Manager