ASACLEAN Purging Compounds

A Comparison With Other Purging Process Methods

To compare ASACLEAN purging compounds with another purging process method, first click the “Select A Purging Method” heading and choose a purging method from the list. To select another method, simply click the heading again and select another product type.

Residue Potential
Effectiveness: Color & Material Changes
Effectiveness: Carbon & Color Deposit Removal
Preparation/Mixing Time
Purging/Hold-Up Time
Machine Hazard
Personal Hazard
ASACLEAN has a high affinity to other polymers and a low affinity to metal. It works best using agitation and turbulence to combine with polymers and/or contaminants in order to remove them from the system.
Low – Typical styrenic or olefinic odors which most processors find non-offensive.
Low (except for glass-filled EX Grade, which is minimally abrasive due to short residence time within the machine).
Low – ASACLEAN is specifically designed to have a low affinity to metal surfaces, which contributes to its low-residue properties.
High – ASACLEAN is specifically designed to have a high affinity to other resins and colors.
High – ASACLEAN is specifically designed to have a high affinity to colors and contaminants, including scrubbing additives for improved cleaning.
No soak period required.

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