PLUS Grade Purging Concentrate

Asaclean PLUS Grade is a high-performance purging concentrate that offers the same performance and cleaning power of Asaclean Purging Compounds, but blends seamlessly using a processor’s own production resins.

This heat-activated concentrate was designed with processors’ toughest applications in mind. It is ideal for hot runners and low flow areas and has extremely effective compatibility with all resins. PLUS is incredibly easy to use as it doesn’t require changing materials, processing temperatures, or MFRs. It cleans exceptionally well.

PLUS was engineered to answer customer demand for an easy-to-use purge that solves some of processors’ biggest headaches that didn’t have great solutions available in the past.

PLUS works particularly well for:

•  Cleaning hot runners (including high cavitation molds)
•  Cleaning dies (with easy displacement) in extrusion
•  Clear applications that require no residue issues
•  Effectively cleaning out blow molding equipment
•  Heat-activated concentrate ideal for hot runners and low flow areas
•  Extremely effective compatibility with all resins
•  Excellent cleaner with low-residue formula
•  Matches MFR of your processing resins
•  Tailor purging power using concentrate ratio
•  Based on your needs
•  Leads to significant savings on shipping and storage
•  Excels in injection molding, extrusion, & blow


PLUS See our other grades
applications Color Changes checkmar NCR, NCHNCT, NCF
Material Changes checkmar NCR, NCHNCT, NCF
Hot Runner Cleaning checkmark NCR
Shutdown/Sealing NCR, NCHNCT, NCF
Clear/Low Residue Applications checkmark NCF
High Temperature Resins NCT
Low Temperature Resins
Carbon/Color Contamination checkmar NCR, NCHNCT

RESINS PURGED: Most commodity and engineering resins within the processing temperature range.

Processing temperature: 175°C to 360°C (345°F to 680°F)

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Tips For Using ASACLEAN Purging Concentrate:

arrow The optimum loading is 20% of ASACLEAN PLUS mixed with production resin of choice. If production resins are not desirable you can use it as a blend with any low melt olefin such as HDPE or PP
arrow Soak 10-30 minutes, depending on specific application.
arrow Increase temperature in trouble spots 30°C to 55°C (50⁰F to 100⁰F)
arrow Maximum cleaning achieved at 260°C to 315°C (500⁰F to 600⁰F) within the processing temperature range.

Purging Compound Process Resource Center

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To supplement our onsite Clean & Lean Training program, we offer you a resource center featuring a library of training videos, guidelines, technical documentation and step-by-step instructions.

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