Company Mission Statement

Customer satisfaction is our goal. By combining superior product performance with courteous and efficient customer service, we hope to develop and nurture a long-term relationship with each of our customers. We are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied. Every time.

Purging Process Satisfaction Is Our Goal

The Clean & Lean Approach

You need a leaner, more efficient process for purging your injection molding and extrusion machines. This is the only way to make sure your product runs profitable. With our Clean & Lean Approach, we look at the whole of your purging process to increase production efficiency, reduce downtime and eliminate contamination and waste so you see significant time and cost savings.

Clean & Lean Training

Training videos and product documentation only go so far when it comes to making your purging process as efficient as possible. Sometimes, in special cases with a request, only in-person training delivers the results you’re looking for.

With an onsite Clean & Lean Training session, your production crew learns firsthand from a Purging Process Expert about how to use ASACLEAN purging compounds in the most effective manner. Even more, your team is learning on your equipment, so there’s no confusion when translating instructions.

And, if anyone on your crew speaks Spanish, ASACLEAN has Spanish-speaking sales representatives.

10-Minute Turnaround

When you contact ASACLEAN online for a purging compound sample, a sales order or a customer service request, you receive a phone call or email response within 10 minutes or less from the time we receive your request.

Our 10-Minute Turnaround works because we only staff Purging Process Experts: You don’t have to endure frustrating transfers or long waits on hold, because the person on the phone is able to answer all of your questions.

Need to contact us after business hours? We have a live online chat box (near the top of every website page) that is sent to our email after hours, so you receive answers to any emergency questions that may come up, as soon as we can.

Purging Process Pinpoint Diagnosis

When you work alongside your dedicated Purging Process Expert, they not only analyze the symptoms of your purging issues, but also adopt a holistic approach to your entire process.

We aim to pinpoint the root-cause issue, whether it’s the purging compound or the process in which it’s used. Taking this comprehensive approach, ASACLEAN offers a recommendation for improvement and ensures any impact to your profitability is eliminated.

Think-Ahead Alerts

It’s too easy to overlook a compliance or maintenance issue. That’s why we offer you Think-Ahead Alerts, which are proactive reminders via email for regular cleaning, shutdown procedures and restart procedures after a long holiday or vacation. Also, when there are known issues or technical updates on the product, we send an alert to notify you right away.

Purging Process Resource Center

The ASACLEAN online resource center offers you a library of training videos, guidelines, technical documentation and step-by-step instructions, ensuring you always have an answer to any of your purging compound questions.

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