Purging Compounds for Aerospace

The aerospace industry is one of the most competitive and cost-conscious markets for plastics manufacturers. Precision and safety are key. You use a wide range of resins and need dependable durability and performance regardless of the conditions. You need to keep costs down, but cutting corners leads to costly scrap.

We understand what you’re dealing with. Asaclean® has been helping aerospace suppliers improve scrap and downtime for over 25 years.

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Why Purging is Essential in Aerospace

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You are in one of the most competitive markets and are fighting for an edge to secure contracts with OEM’s. You are expected to work with incredibly tight tolerances. Safety is your main concern. But cost is equally important. There aren’t as many contracts to go around, so quality is essential.

You need to produce parts both large and small with incredibly high standards. Whether you’re running railcars of ABS for luggage bins, interior panels, super-engineering resins for engine components and fuselage, coating wire for electronics, extruding multilayer acrylic windows, or anything in-between, you’re trying to keep your scrap rates incredibly low while producing a staggering volume of parts.

Plastics make airplanes lighter, safer, and more durable, yet the same additives that give plastics huge advantages also make them more difficult to process consistently. You work with difficult resins like PEEK, PSU, PC, PEK, PMMA, ABS, & POM. Hot runner color changes aren’t easy and valve gates have their share of challenges.

Supply-chain issues and JIT-delivery requirements ramp up the pressure even more.

OEM’s have annual cost reduction programs which in turn means you need to find production and process efficiency improvements every year. This pits you against your competitors to drive down costs. If you secure a contract, your OEM constantly asks for you to get the job done cheaper and have very strict product qualifications.

How can you maximize efficiencies while dramatically cutting costs?

We know you must be incredibly price-conscious, but if you cut corners to keep costs down, you might end up with defects and customer complaints that can jeopardize your contracts moving forward.

This puts you in a very difficult spot. Fortunately, we understand what you’re dealing with.

Asaclean® Purging Compounds have been a top choice of the aerospace industry for twenty-five years. Here’s why.

I think their price is competitive, I think that their product is working to our satisfaction, their outreach is there. I think I could probably call my Asaclean® Purging Expert at midnight and he'd probably answer.”
John S. , Manufacturing Manager, Aerospace, North West

On average, Asaclean®’s Aerospace customers save 72% on reduced scrap & downtime.

Why Asaclean® Purging Compounds are the Best Choice for Aerospace Suppliers

Keep OEMs happy with lead times and help your company at the same time.

1. Superior Performance

Asaclean® offers an unrivaled product lineup designed with aerospace challenges in mind.

For Aerospace, Asaclean® Purging Compounds:

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Asaclean® offers Purging Compounds engineered for your specific resins, processing temperatures, and applications. We have solutions to all your processing needs.

There is a bonus with Asaclean®. When you reduce scrap rates and achieve faster changeovers, your customers will receive their orders in less time. This is a win-win.

Aerospace prospects usually have four things in mind when they call us:

Faster changeovers, purging super-engineering resins, removing contamination, and product consistency.

If you’re reading this, these are probably some of your top concerns as well.

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Asaclean® offers affordable, high-performance, specialized purging compounds designed to address these precise needs.

With the world-class R&D team of Asahi Kasei in Japan, Asaclean® offers incredible cleaning performance coupled with expert technical & product support.

Asaclean®’s aerospace grades will help your plant increase your profit margins substantially. With Asaclean®, your company will hit your targets.

We’ve tried everything. We’re custom molders. Asaclean® is a good all-around solution for us.”
John S. , Manufacturing Manager, Aerospace, North West

2. Unrivaled Technical & Product Support

We are not just an MRO supplier. We consider ourselves an extension of your team. Our sole focus is helping your team make better parts for less money. We take pride in helping aerospace suppliers save.

Asaclean®’s aerospace grades come with a dedicated Purging Expert with processing experience. When you start working with Asaclean®, your Expert will:

These value-adds are all complimentary and are considered part of Asaclean®’s services.

Implementing an Asaclean® Purge Program will have an immediate impact on your cost savings.

We are available for complimentary on-site visits on short notice, and are here for you around the clock. If you’re dealing with something urgent, we also offer free virtual support via Skype, Teams, or the service of your choice.

If you have new hires, we want to make sure they receive the same level of training that the rest of your team benefits from during in-person visits. Let us know and we will train them immediately so you continue to see the same high level of Asaclean® performance.

Asaclean® support goes over and above. Training is a part of that. it's great to have our rep in front of people giving training, because if five pounds works, ten pounds is not better. Training is key when you're using these products, and I feel that if I called my Asaclean® rep for help at midnight he would probably answer.”
John S. , Manufacturing Manager, Aerospace, Northwest

3. Robust Supply-Chain & JIT-Delivery

Aerospace manufacturers are acutely aware of the headaches associated with supply-chain issues. Resin and other supply shortages can completely sabotage your ability to succeed.

If you choose Asaclean®, you won’t have to worry about supply chain issues.

All our grades are in stock at multiple, strategically placed warehouses throughout North America. We offer JIT and same day shipment. We are flexible and sensitive to your needs.

As part of Asahi Kasei, we have a robust network of production facilities and warehouses and incredibly consistent product quality. We work closely with APNA and other sister companies in the industry to continuously improve how we can serve your market. If you choose Asaclean®, you are choosing a reliable purging partner invested in your success.


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