Clean Machines
Aren’t Optional.
They're Essential.

Does your facility struggle with scrap and downtime due to difficult changeovers and contamination issues?

We know how frustrating this can be.  We’re currently helping over 2,000 injection molding, extrusion, & blow molding customers solve these exact kinds of problems.

Discover how Asaclean® Purging Compounds can help your team get the most out of your production equipment.

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How Can We Benefit You?

Asaclean® offers the world's best-selling purging compounds that are guaranteed to help you reduce scrap and downtime and save money.

  • Faster changeovers
  • Eliminate contamination
  • Minimize scrap
  • Fewer screw pulls

Asaclean® Customers' Annual Cost Savings:


Hours of downtime saved


Pounds of scrap saved

$ 20,250,000

Dollars saved

The Asaclean® Difference:

With 200+ years of combined processing experience, Asaclean® offers you a single point of contact eager to help you solve your processing issues and improve efficiency today.


  • Superior product quality, consistency & performance
  • Unrivaled purge product line

Technical Support

  • Purging Experts provide world-class customer service
  • Complimentary On-site Trials, ongoing training, and support

Sales Support

  • Same-day shipment available &  infrastructure allows for JIT delivery
  • Global sales and distribution

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After purging with Asaclean®, it was clean, I mean spotless. We haven’t seen the same results with other purging products. Asaclean® is hands down better in every application where we’ve been able to compare with other product lines. I stand by that statement.
Brad Borne , President & CEO, Ideas, Inc.


We understand different processes have different challenges. Our core purpose is to provide you with the best purge products and expert, exceptional customer service. If you have a problem, we have a solution.

Purging Solutions for Your Manufacturing Process


Your priorities and needs will vary based on the industries you serve. Our experience in different markets will give you exactly what you are looking for from your purge supplier.

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