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Chemical Purging Compounds

Asaclean® offers Chemical Purging Compounds engineered specifically to match your processing temperatures, your resins, your MFR’s, and your processing needs. Whether you are trying to hold a bubble in blown-film, or are struggling with carbon in sheet extrusion, we have the solution for you.


On average, Asaclean® customers save 61% using our Chemical Purging Compounds


Chemical Purging Compounds are blended products that match your processing temperatures, your resins, your MFR’s, and your processing needs. Unlike Mechanical Purging Compounds, Chemical Purging Compounds clean using a heat-activated chemical reaction that performs best in low-flow and low-pressure environments. Chemical Grades are usually recommended for extrusion or blow molding because they expand to effectively clean large dies or other areas where contamination can hang-up.

Chemical Purging Compounds are strong cleaners that clean hard-to-reach areas within your machine. They do require a short soak time. Some people worry when they hear this but keep an open mind. If a Chemical Purge is cutting your changeover time in half, a short period spent cleaning the machine is more than worth it.

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Asaclean® NCR works great for our medical extrusion products, especially on material changes from PE to TPU. Quick changeovers and easy to remove with the next product in line. We trialed other products, but nothing came close to the performance of Asaclean®.”
Jarred P. , Project Manager, Medical Extruder, Midwest

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