Purging Compounds for Other Industries

Your priorities and needs will vary based on the industries you serve. Whether you’re in sporting goods, oil & gas, transportation, military, or anything in-between, there’s a grade of Asaclean® for you. Our experience in different markets will give you exactly what you are looking for from your purge supplier.

We understand what you’re dealing with. Asaclean® Purging Compounds have been helping processors reduce changeover time and eliminate scrap for over 25 years.

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Why Asaclean® Purging Compounds are the Best Choice for You

Regardless of your process or industry, reducing color or material changeover times cuts down on bad parts and wasted man-hours and machine costs.

Cleaning contamination out of your screw and barrel will save you costly downtime.

We work with processors in all industries and help them optimize their production environments for better results. We listen to your situation and pride ourselves in our ability to help make your lives easier.

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We know what you’re dealing with:

  • You’re dealing with contamination, black specks, gels, or residue.
  • You need faster and more consistent changeover times to keep on schedule.
  • Maybe you’re having trouble cleaning your hot runner or the edges of your die.
  • Your screw pulls are taking multiple hours and keeping you from making sellable parts.
  • If these examples sound familiar, we have good news. It doesn’t have to be this way.

On average, Asaclean®’s customers save 55% on reduced scrap & downtime.

1. Our Products Will  Solve Your Issue

Whether you’re extruding pipe for oil and gas, molding train, ATV, or boat parts, making scopes for rifles, or creating sports courts for playgrounds, we’ve helped companies just like yours get an edge on their competition.

You don’t need to experience contamination or difficult and lengthy changeovers.

We offer Mechanical Purging CompoundsChemical Purging Compounds, and Purging Concentrates designed to tackle your unique set of processing challenges.

We excel at reducing long changeover times and understand your processing headaches. We’ve seen it all and are here to help.

The timing of the delivery was AWESOME! We needed to switch from white color to natural which is always a challenge and we were on a tight deadline. The only thing better than the timing was the performance! Wow!”
Jerry M. , Plastics Manufacturing Manager, Food Processing, South Carolina

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Faster changeovers, quicker contamination removal, easier start-ups & same-day delivery

Asaclean® offers an unrivaled product lineup designed with your processing challenges in mind.

Asaclean® Purging Compounds:

My set-up technicians really like using Asaclean®. It makes color and material changes so much easier.”
Willie V. , Production Supervisor, Farm Equipment, Canada

Asaclean® offers Purging Compounds engineered for your specific resins, processing temperatures, and applications. We have solutions to all your processing needs.

With the world-class R&D team of Asahi Kasei in Japan, Asaclean® offers incredible cleaning performance coupled with expert technical & product support.

Other Industry 3

For most molders, we usually recommend Asaclean®’s legacy line of Mechanical Purging Compounds. For most extruders, we typically recommend one of our high-performance N-Series Chemical Purging Compounds. With that said, every situation is different.

High-cavitation hot runners are better suited with a Purging Concentrate like Asaclean® PLUS Grade because PLUS supercharges your own processing resins and is easily displaced. This is a huge innovation in purging that’s made an immediate impact since PLUS was launched in June 2021.

PLUS Grade is the Holy Grail For hot runner color changes."
Ray D. , Plant Manager, Custom Molder, Southeast

Asaclean®’s Purging Compounds will help your plant increase your profit margins substantially. With Asaclean®, your company will hit your targets.

There is an added bonus with Asaclean®. When you reduce scrap-rates and achieve faster changeovers, your customers will receive their orders in less time.

This is a win-win.

2. Our Team Understands Your Needs

Asaclean® Technical Service Representative offer a unique level of service not found in other areas of the industry.

Many of our Purging Experts used Asaclean® as customers themselves before joining our team.

Your point-of-contact isn’t a salesperson. They are a processor.

With over 200 years of combined processing experience, we understand your issue and can offer solutions. We’ve seen it all and are here to help you.

Other Industry 4

When you work with Asaclean®, you have access to free ongoing consultations with a packaging subject matter expert.

During my career I have used different types of purging compounds, but nothing comes close to Asaclean®. This is one of my favorite products for low and high temp applications. If you haven’t tried it, try a sample at your plant. You won’t regret it.”
Miguel Garcia , Process Engineer, Military, California

3. Unrivaled Technical & Product Support

We are not just an MRO supplier. We consider ourselves an extension of your team. Our sole focus is helping your team make better parts for less money. We take pride in helping you save.

Asaclean®’s Purging Compounds come with a dedicated Purging Expert with processing experience. When you start working with Asaclean®, your Expert will:

These value-adds are all complimentary and are considered part of Asaclean®’s services.

Other Industry 5

Implementing an Asaclean® Purge Program will have an immediate impact on your cost savings.

We are available for complimentary on-site visits on short notice, and are here for you around the clock. If you’re dealing with something urgent, we also offer free virtual support via Skype, Teams, or the service of your choice.

If you have new hires, we want to make sure they receive the same level of training that the rest of your team benefits from during in-person visits. Let us know and we will train them immediately so you continue to see the same high level of Asaclean® performance.

From a buying standpoint, one thing that really sticks out about AKAC is that they truly are solutions providers. They help us solve the problem. They have provided technical support, training, and product support followed.”
Ray R. , Supply Chain Manager, Washington

4. Robust Supply-Chain & JIT-Delivery

Sometimes things change. You may start serving new markets and experience entirely new processing challenges. To earn your trust, a purge partner needs consistent performance and reliable delivery times.

If you choose Asaclean®, you won’t have to worry about supply chain issues or inconsistent product performance.

All our grades are in stock at multiple, strategically placed warehouses throughout North America. We offer JIT and same day shipment. We are flexible and sensitive to your needs.

As part of Asahi Kasei, we have a robust network of production facilities and warehouses and incredibly consistent product quality. We work closely with APNA and other sister companies to continuously improve how we can serve your market. If you choose Asaclean®, you are choosing a reliable molding partner invested in your success.

If I order on a Monday, it's here within a day or two. I've been buying 6 years and it's right every time. Combined with the service and performance, it's an unbelievable total package.”
Dave S. , Production Manager, Custom Molder, Southeast

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