PLUS Grade
Purging Concentrate

PLUS Grade is a high-performance, recyclable purging concentrate that offers the same performance and cleaning power of Asaclean® Purging Compounds, but blends seamlessly using a processor's own production resins.

Processing Temperature Range:

175°C-360°C (345°F-680°F)


    PLUS works particularly well for:

    • Cleaning hot runners (including high cavitation molds)
    • Cleaning dies (with easy displacement) in extrusion
    • Clear applications that require no residue issues
    • Effectively cleaning out blow molding equipment



    • Recyclable
    • Heat-activated concentrate ideal for hot runners and low flow areas
    • Extremely effective compatibility with all resins
    • Excellent cleaner with low-residue formula
    • Matches MFR of your processing resins
    • Tailor purging power using concentrate ratio based on your needs
    • Leads to significant savings on shipping and storage
    • Excels in injection molding, extrusion, & blow molding


    Usage Information

    Temperature Range 175°C-360°C (345°F-680°F)
    Minimum Clearance Please speak to a Technical Sales Representative for further information on hot runner gate and extrusion die clearances.
    Amount of Purge The optimum loading is 20% of Asaclean PLUS mixed with production resin of choice. If production resins are not desirable you can use it as a blend with any low-melt olefin such as HDPE or PP
    Applications Extrusion - profile, sheet, cast film & compounding
    Injection Molding - including hot runners
    Types of Resin Most commodity and engineering grade resins within the processing temperature range


    • The optimum loading is 20% of Asaclean® PLUS mixed with production resin of choice. If production resins are not desirable you can use it as a blend with any low-melt olefin such as HDPE or PP
    • Soak 10-30 minutes, depending on specific application.
    • Increase temperature in trouble spots 30°C to 55°C (50°F to 100°F)
    • Maximum cleaning achieved at 260°C to 315°C (500°F to 600°F) within the processing temperature range.


    Physical Form Solid
    Shape Pellets
    Color Milky white and white are mixed
    Water Solubility Insoluble
    Other Solvent Solubility Insoluble for organic solvent under normal temperature
    Stability Stable under normal temperatures
    Reactivity Non-reactive under normal handling and storage conditions
    Conditions to Avoid Do not allow Asaclean® PLUS grade to be left idle in barrel for more than 30 minutes at temperatures higher than 300°C (570°F).
    Do not feed only Asaclean® PLUS in barrel. It is designed to be used as a mixture with production resin and not by itself in the barrel. Do not exceed recommended temperature range.


    Specific Gravity 1.33 at 23°C(73°F)
    Softening Point >120°C(248°F)
    Flashpoint >360°C (680°F)
    Autoignition Temp 400°C (752°F)

    Packaging Options



    • 55 lb. boxes (pictured)

    Please Note: The above data should be used for reference only.

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