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The best molders, extruders, and blow molders are always looking for ways to get an edge on their competition. This isn’t always easy. Resin and labor prices are fixed, machine run rates are consistent, and end products must be priced to sell. Fortunately, implementing an expert Asaclean® Purge Program is a great way to save money and reduce scrap and downtime. Time is money. We will work with you to find ways to improve different aspects of production and achieve greater results. But where do you begin?

Here’s how Asaclean® can work with you to create a Purge Program that fits your goals.

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Getting Started

Many processors react to a processing issue and think ordering a purge is the first step to building a Purge Program. This decision could end up being a costly mistake.

You wouldn’t buy a car before you learn to drive. Buying a purging compound needs to be the last step in the process. It’s important that you start from the beginning.

When our Experts start talking to processors about their current purging situation, they usually fall into one of three categories:

1. Processors that are new to purging that do not know where to start.

These processors are interested but get overwhelmed by the unknowns. Where do you begin? This appears to be an intimidating process so without clear guidance, they might not move forward. Analysis paralysis.

2. Processors who have used purging compounds before, but do not have an official purging program or standardized best practices.

You don’t know what you don’t know. These processors tend to use what they have and don’t always understand the “why.”

3. Processors who are using a purge but aren’t seeing the results they expect and are second-guessing its effectiveness.

These processors sometimes assume they already know what is best and can lose faith in the process when the product does not work like they believe it should.

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Processors in all three categories share some of the same anxieties. This uncertainty leads some processors to decide it isn’t worth the time investment to develop a program. You know there are benefits, but you worry because it isn’t your time and money, you’re investing to develop a program; it is your company’s. This adds pressure to do the job right the first time, which discourages some from trying in the first place. This is a short-sighted mistake. Money saved is money earned. The initial time investment more than pays for itself when your program is used correctly.

Fortunately, developing and implementing an Asaclean® Purge Program is much easier than you may think.

It's very important to have a set Purge Program. Through the three shifts and all the technicians we have, we have hundreds of years of experience with folks that have all grew up in different environments and have all learned different ways and techniques. We’re standardizing the procedures across shifts, and Asaclean® is helping us do just that."
John S. , Manufacturing Manager, Medical Molder, Northwest

Working with an Asaclean® Purging Expert to Develop Your Purge Program

Our Purging Experts are former processors who understand your processing challenges. They get what you’re dealing with. They also happen to be experts on purging. You’re speaking the same language, so the process is painless and easy.

Here’s how the Purge Program process works:

1. Fill Out a Form and Request a Purge Program

You decided you want to give this a shot. Congratulations! When you fill out a free Purge Program Consultation request, your own dedicated Purging Expert will reach out to you within 10 minutes.

2. Introductory Call

You have a short conversation about your processing challenges including resins, application, temperatures, etc. This is all about establishing needs and expectations. We understand some companies find it difficult sharing processing information, but honest information is crucial in measuring the success of your Purge Program.

3. Diagnosis

Your Purge Expert will help you diagnose the cause of the problem and will consider potential solutions. This step is why it’s so important to not just buy a purge sight unseen or try something you have around the plant. There are many kinds of purging compounds available that serve very different needs and purposes. This means that you might find the right grade that fits your needs and expectations, but that is dependent on you determining what those needs and expectations actually are.

We use an Asaclean® Purge Program for preventative maintenance. It is great for preventing screw pulls & downtime. If you do need to pull a screw, it makes them a breeze.”
Troy F. , Maintenance Technician, Medical Molder, Indiana

4. Establish a Baseline

Now that you know your goals and understand some solutions, you need to establish processing baselines. Before you receive a free sample of Asaclean®, measure your processing data before trying something new. If you don’t understand your baseline numbers, how will you be able to know if Asaclean® is working? You need comparative data to set up a successful program. If you don’t understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current process, you won’t be able to measure progress.

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5. Free Sample

Your Purging Expert will send you a free sample of Asaclean®. This is self-explanatory. Depending on your needs, your Purging Expert might recommend trying several different Grades to find the best results.


6. Trial

We recommend having your Asaclean® Purging Expert on-site for trials because it’s important for you to have an expert standing by to offer best practices and help troubleshoot. We’ve seen hundreds of situations just like yours and are an asset when you’re deciding. If on-site trials are not possible, virtual options are also available.

Most of what we do revolves around material costs. We can't waste materials during changeovers. Asaclean has been very successful for us so our purge program is a huge point of emphasis for our shifts.”
Rodney Davenport , Vice President, CH3 Solutions, Georgia

7. Introduction of Purge Program & Training

Once the trial is complete, your Purging Expert will build a Purge Program to help get the best results based on your situation. Your expert will train all shifts on Asaclean® best practices to make sure they see the best possible product performance. Purge Programs can include best practices for changeovers, sealing during shutdowns, changeovers, screw pulls, holding a bubble in blown-film extrusion, etc. A Purge Program looks very different based on your situation.

8. Cost Savings Analysis

You have your baseline data. You know your goal. Your team is trained. Now your Asaclean® Purging Expert will work with you to set up expectations on potential savings using Asaclean®.


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With over 200 years of processing experience and over 20 industry-leading Purging Compounds designed for your specific process, Asaclean® offers you the best possible combination of performance and service to get the most out of your process.

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