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Our in-depth guide tells you everything you need to know about purging compounds. We want to give you the tools you need to make the best decision for your processing needs.

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What Are Purging Compounds?

Purging Compounds (also known as commercial purging compounds or CPC’s) are products formulated to clean injection molding machines, extruders, and blow molding machines. They typically contain a base resin and other additives optimized to clean your screw, barrel, hot runner, and extruder die thoroughly and quickly. Purging Compounds are used by processors across industries including automotive, packaging, medical, consumer products, and many more.

We are firm believers - this really works as advertised! Every processor should give Asaclean® a try.”
Glen J. , Process Engineer, Extrusion, Consumer Goods, Ohio

Purging Compounds offer many benefits to processors which we will discuss in detail, but first lets look at the different types of purging compounds available.

Mechanical Purging Compounds

Mechanical Purging Compounds are compounded specifically to match your processing temperatures, your resins, your MFR’s, and your processing needs. Mechanical Purging Compounds depend on your machine’s power to do the work. They perform best in injection molding and other high-pressure applications. This is because they rely on pressure and agitation to clean out the previous resin or any contamination within your machine.

Unlike regrind or virgin resins, Mechanical Purging Compounds are designed to clean. They have strong detergency and have no affinity to metal. This guarantees your machine will be running clean in no time.

Asaclean® offers a full line of Mechanical Purging Compounds for all processing situations.

Chemical Purging Compounds

Chemical Purging Compounds are blended products that also match your processing temperatures, your resins, your MFR’s, and your processing needs. But unlike Mechanical Purging Compounds, Chemical Purging Compounds clean using a heat-activated chemical reaction that performs best in low-flow and low-pressure environments. Chemical Grades are usually recommended for extrusion or blow molding because they expand to effectively clean large dies or other areas where contamination can hang up.

Chemical Purging Compounds are strong cleaners that clean hard-to-reach areas within your machine. They do require a short soak time. Some people worry when they hear this but keep an open mind. If a Chemical Purge is cutting your changeover time in half, a short period spent cleaning the machine is more than worth it.

Asaclean® offers a full line of Chemical Purging Compounds for your needs.

chemical purging compounds

Purging Concentrates

Purging Concentrates are cleaning masterbatches that supercharge your own processing resins for superior cleaning. Purging Concentrates perform best in some of the trickiest applications. We recommend Purging Concentrates for hot runner color changes (including high-cavitation molds and manifolds), blow molding, and most extrusion applications.

Purging concentrates are incredibly easy-to-use.

They are easily displaced because they match your production resins’ MFR, do not require changing processing temperatures, and their loading ratios can be adjusted to optimize your cleaning power.

Asaclean® PLUS Grade is a Purging Concentrate that works particularly well in difficult applications.

purging concentrates

Yes, There is a Grade for Your Processing Resins

There are Purging Compounds designed for commodity resins like polypropylene, acrylic, polystyrene, PVC. There are also grades for engineering resins including TPE, TPO, ABS, polycarbonate, etc.

There are even products available for super-engineering resins.

Asaclean® offers the industry's best Purging Compounds for super-engineering resins including ULTEM, PEKK, and PEEK. Many super-engineering resin suppliers recommend Asaclean® PX2 and PF to their customers.

So now that you understand what Purging Compounds are, let's take at how they can help you.

When I first heard there was a compound that could get PEEK off a screw and barrel instead of a manual cleaning, I was very skeptical. We were able to go from black PEEK to natural polypropylene without a manual screw and barrel clean and without any contamination using Asaclean® PX2. Asaclean® is the only purging compound Ill ever use.”
Steve , Process Technician, Medical Device Manufacturer, California

What Do Purging Compounds Do?

Benefits of Purging Compounds

Purging Compounds save you time and money.

Purging Compounds make an incredible difference to your process efficiency. Injection Molders, Extruders, and Blow Molders all benefit by reducing scrap and downtime. When your machine is clean, your performance improves.

At a high level, Purging Compounds help you remove previous resins from your machine so you're running good parts sooner. If previous resins are not completely removed, you will start dealing with carbon contamination and black specks. Purging Compounds do not stick to metal. They pull contamination off the screw and barrel and set your team up for success.

I totally believe in Asaclean® products. We have used it for many years. We purge out a 180-oz. barrel, going from black nylon, glass-filled, to clear polypropylene in just a matter of a couple of purges. We also use Asaclean® for a maintenance program for pulling screws. EX Grade is an unbelievable product for pulling a screw. Screw and barrel come out clean, material unwraps on the screw perfectly, and we are back in operation in just a few minutes.”
Vincent Zirkle , Plant Manager, Blue Ridge Molding, North Carolina

This gives you a significant competitive advantage and increases your profits. Regardless of your process or industry, reducing color or material changeover times cuts down on bad parts and wasted man-hours and machine costs. Cleaning contamination out of your screw and barrel will save you costly downtime. Purging Compounds help you save in other ways as well.

Here are some of Asaclean®'s most beneficial Cost Savings Solutions:

Why Are They Worth The Money?

Processors usually have three things in mind when they call us:

Faster color changeovers, reducing scrap rates, and pricing.

If you're reading this, pricing is probably one of your top concerns as well.

Fortunately for you, Asaclean® offers affordable, high-performance options specific to your needs. Regardless of your processing issues, we have solutions for you.

But maybe you think your plant can't afford Asaclean®. We frequently hear from Process Engineers & Buyers who dont think they can afford purging compounds. Some think regrind and virgin resin are better options. Theres a good chance you can't afford not to use Asaclean®. Lets clear up a common misconception about purging.

For most of my career, I wasnt purging properly. I didnt understand why it was important. Once I learned from Asaclean, it changed my whole perspective. Now Im responsible for my companys P&Ls and need to make sure we're profitable. I can appreciate the amount of money Asaclean® saves me and Im not scared off by a higher cost-per-pound. Many buyers dont look past the sticker price to see how far the savings exceed the cost.”
Roger , Plant Manager, Custom Molder, Southwest

Cost-per-Purge vs. Cost-per-Pound

If you think you're saving your company money by using cheap alternatives to Asaclean®, think again. Virgin resin and regrind are not designed to clean your machine or your hot runner. If pricing seems too good to be true, it probably is. Your performance will suffer. Using these will lead to slower changeovers and increased scrap cutting into your already tight margins and will seriously jeopardize delivery times.

Asaclean® may cost more than your production resin, but if you must use 3-5x the amount of product for changeovers and increase scrap and defects, you arent saving anything.

The cost-per-purge greatly exceeds your cost-per-lb or purging material.

employee in a production facility
We have had a significan't reduction in purging/set-up time as well as contamination and scrap. ASACLEAN is currently saving us $75,000 per year in scrap and purging time. Savings is expected to increase to $150,000 per year once Asaclean® is implemented plant-wide.
Roger , Plant Manager, Tier-One Automotive Supplier, Wisconsin

Asaclean®s Grades are fairly priced and will help your plant increase your profit margins substantially. With Asaclean®, your company will see improvements.

If you arent sure how to quantify your savings, check out our Cost Savings Calculator to get a good idea on what Asaclean® could do for your location. Your answer will be based off hundreds of real Asaclean® customer experiences.

The Asaclean® Difference

How Can We Benefit You?


Cutting Edge Performance & Product Quality

Asaclean® offers the world's best-selling purging compounds that are guaranteed to help you reduce scrap and downtime and save money.

Asaclean® Purging Compounds were developed by Asahi Kasei Corporation's world-renowned research & development in Japan.

Our formulas have been engineered, tested, and improved over the past twenty-five years to offer the best Purging Compounds on the market.

What does this mean for you? When you choose Asaclean®, you choose superior product quality, consistency, & performance.

We've tried pretty much every competitor, some of them twice. Between Asaclean®s performance and expert technical service, we're not looking to make a change.”
Al , Production Technician, Aerospace, Washington

It also means you have an unrivaled product line with a solution for every processing issue you might encounter.

If you're using a purge supplier, you're already experiencing cost savings. But we're confident that you will see better savings when you switch to Asaclean®.


Asaclean® customers save an average of 58% vs. Other Brands of Purging Compounds.

But that's not what really makes the Asaclean® Difference.


Our Team Understands What you're Dealing With

While there are high-quality purging compounds available, we are more than just MRO supplier.

We offer world-class purging compounds with expert complimentary ongoing service and training to match.

Asaclean® Technical Service Representative offer a unique level of service not found in other areas of the industry. Many of our Purging Experts used Asaclean® as customers themselves before joining our team.

Your point-of-contact isn't a salesperson. They are a processor.

With over 200 years of combined processing experience, we understand your issue and can offer solutions. We've seen it all and are here to help you.

It is tough to have the support and availability of a supplier at a moment's notice. That's why once we started working with Asaclean® and had the ultimate support and knowledge of their staff we knew we hit a home run.”
Lucas E. , 1st Shift Supervisor, Custom Molder, Southeast

When you work with Asaclean®, you have access to free ongoing consultations with a subject matter expert.

We Will Train Your Team to Be Asaclean® Purging Experts

Asaclean® Purging Compounds are incredibly easy to use, but you will only see your best results when you follow our recommended purging procedures.

When it comes to purging compounds, less is more.

We do not want you to use more Asaclean® than is necessary to achieve your best performance. If you use more than we recommend, your cost savings will drop.

We want you to get the absolute best performance using the least amount of Asaclean®. That is why we place such a premium on training your team.

All molders are dealing with slightly different challenges, so it's important that you follow the correct instructions.

That's where we come in.

When you select Asaclean®, we will diagnose your issues, build out a free Purge Program, and train your shifts on how to use Asaclean® to get the best results.

We will help you trial our product, provide in-person or virtual training, answer any questions, and be available however necessary to help your team succeed.

Asaclean® support goes over and above. Training is a part of that. it's great to have our rep in front of people giving training, because if five pounds works, ten pounds is not better. Training is key when you're using these products, and I feel that if I called my Asaclean® rep for help at midnight he would probably answer.”
John S. , Manufacturing Manager, Medical Molder, Northwest

Sometimes keeping good labor can be difficult.

Don't worry. As you find new hires, we'll train them as well.

asahi kasei building


Robust Supply-Chain & JIT-Delivery

Plastics manufacturers are acutely aware of the headaches associated with supply-chain issues. Resin and other supply shortages can completely sabotage your ability to succeed.

If you choose Asaclean®, you won't have to worry about supply chain issues.

All our grades are in stock at multiple, strategically placed warehouses throughout North America. We offer JIT and same day shipment. We are flexible and sensitive to your needs.

We've never had delivery issues. I mean, never. The fact that you guys ship same-day before noon is a big deal for us.”
Victor , 2nd Shift Lead, Consumer Goods, Southeast
JIT delivery truck

As part of Asahi Kasei, we have a robust network of production facilities and warehouses and incredibly consistent product quality. We work tirelessly to improve our delivery times, local support, and customer support to improve how we best serve your market.

If you choose Asaclean®, you are choosing a reliable partner invested in your success.

A Holistic Approach: How We Help Different Team Members at Your Plant

Help us, help you.

We stated earlier that we are not an MRO Supplier—we're a solutions provider.

When we work with our customers, we dont just try to help on the production floor.

Our Purging Experts work with different departments within your plant to make everyone's lives easier. Our value doesn't stop at scrap rates and downtime.

We always look for ways we can help other key members of your team. Here are a few examples:

Process Engineers/Production

  • Easier and more efficiency changeovers.
  • Reduction of scrap, downtime, and other processing metrics.


  • Safer, easier, and scheduled screw pulls. No more surprises. Screw pulls using Asaclean® EX are incredibly easy and safe. Look at this video to see what a difference EX can make for your plant.
Nobody's ever seen anything like EX Grade. You just peel it off the screw and it's perfectly clean. Our maintenance guys can't stop talking about it.”
Rodney Davenport , Vice President, CH3 Solutions, Custom Molder, Georgia
employee inside a production facility
  • Less reactive maintenance and more focus on preventative maintenance. Maintenance usually has a list of preventative activities over certain time periods. As a best practice, you should hit 90% or more of those activities. If you lose time with unplanned/emergency maintenance, you won't be able to hit your other goals.
  • We help you stay in control of your efficiency. If your machines are down due to a lack of preventative maintenance, your problems compound.


  • Inventory control. If you use virgin/regrind as purge, your buying team can have surprises. Inventory will stop matching, and you may not have the necessary material to run enough parts.
  • Keeping on schedule with parts and production. Delivery times should be between 95-100%. You need to ship a set amount of parts on a specific deadline. you're asked to keep under a certain budget. Purge has an upfront cost, but not using purge can be much costlier. If you can't finish because you ran out of resin, then two things can hurt you:

    1. You will have to change your production schedule which will cause more changeovers than expected increasing the chance of contamination issues. This will necessitate using more purge.
    2. Your inbound/outbound costs will rise. You will probably have to expedite shipments to hit your deadlines. This kills your profit numbers.
  • Helping you keep costs down. Every pound of product needs to be converted to a final good part to sale. Using Asaclean® helps you get the most out of your production resin so you need to buy smaller quantities less often.


  • Fewer customer complaints. Asaclean® will help you deliver better parts to your customers. Quality departments will have far fewer complaints when contamination issues are removed.
  • Improved “cost of quality.” Your cost of quality is how many dollars you need to spend to have a good part—or to prevent a customer from receiving a bad part. A Purge Program can help you prevent any issues that could cost you.
  • Embrace a proactive mindset. You should never wait until a machine is dirty to address a problem. Sealing with Asaclean® during shutdowns and purging during changeovers can keep you defect-free.

Human Resources & EHS

  • Fewer accidents and injuries. Safer purge procedures and standardized best practices can help your team avoid injuries. Using products like Asaclean® EX Grade during screw pulls avoids difficult cleaning and burn risks.
  • Train with best practices. We train all members of your team to use our products the correct way. When rules are easily-defined and enforced, you will have less risk of something going wrong.
  • Asaclean® Purging Compounds comply with rules, standards, and laws. We have clear documentation for our product.
  • Plastic Disposal Reduction. By reducing scrap, you will also decrease the cost of moving scrap out of the plant or to a landfill. We also reduce the energy lost during downtime or while running bad parts. You will have better efficiency with your raw goods and with the cost of running your machine.

Plant Managers & Finance

  • Asaclean® will help your plant reduce scrap and downtime. This has a dramatic impact on overall cost savings. When you consider payroll, machine run rates, the cost of bad parts, and the opportunity cost of not being able to run good parts while you struggle with contamination, you may be leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. Asaclean® will help you increase your profit potential.
  • If properly measured, Asaclean® savings will be reflected in your P&L.

Hopefully these examples will give your team an idea of the impact we can have on your entire operation.

If someone on your team doesn't understand the value of Asaclean®, we are here to work with you so you feel you're getting what you need out of our relationship.

We only succeed if you succeed.

How Other Options Hurt Efficiency

But maybe you're still not convinced. Maybe you think you know a better way.

Let's take a closer look at some of the “better” options we see when we visit plants.

When you try to take a shortcut, you may be doing more harm than good.

Virgin Resin & Regrind Are Not Designed to Clean

To save money, some plastics processing manufacturers turn to a cheaper, lower-quality virgin resin to address their purge problems. However, this tends to make purging problems even worse.

“Old school” purging methods — such as flushing the machine with the next resin or regrind — are time-consuming, material-wasting, and ineffective at removing color and carbon contamination. These materials are not designed to clean machines. When using regrind or virgin resins to purge, the material simply creates another layer over any existing resin layers, color deposits, and carbonized material within the barrel. The most common situation we run into is a plant using virgin resin or regrind to facilitate changeovers. Historically, they look at the price of the production resin and tell us that they're okay taking a little longer on changeovers because the cost of resin is cheap.


Asaclean® customers save an average of 80% vs. Purging with Virgin Resin.

Over time you will have contamination issues that will bring production to a screeching halt.

Virgin Resin Costs Are Rising

The cost of production resin isn't so cheap anymore, and supply-chain issues make commodity and engineering resins much harder to come by.

You can't afford to waste production material.

It's scarce and costly.

Last year, we were paying $0.58 per pound of Polypropylene. Now, we're paying $1.39. So, if we weren't Using Asaclean®, then I'm wasting hard-to-get resin and a ton of money.”
Rodney Davenport , Vice President, CH3 Solutions, Custom Molder, Georgia

Regrind Isn't Free

“We'll just use regrind. It's free.” These are famous last words.

Regrind will cost you in the long run.

We've already mentioned layering, but contamination occurs even faster with regrind.

Regrind has already been processed and probably has degraded slightly. You will end up with black specks and unplanned downtime. There are times when regrind is good enough to make end parts. But regrind will never clean your machine. The energy necessary to make the runners as well as the material cost itself are the first true costs of regrind.

Next, consider the energy and time needed to run the grinder. Also, if regrind isn't recycled back into the process at the side of the machine, these grinds will need to be managed. Overall, regrind leads to further energy, material and labor costs which are easily avoided with Asaclean®.


Asaclean® customers save an average of 83% vs. Purging with Regrind.

In-House Purge or DIY Options

DIY & In-house purge solutions vary widely, but they are largely ineffective.

Our team has seen it all. During visits we've run into processors using Tide, wood chips, water, hand soap, and soda to try to clean their machines.

This leads to contamination issues, usually requires more frequent teardowns, and may even damage your machine over time. You wouldn't pour olive oil into your engine or try to clean your laundry without detergent. Use the right product for the job. You'll thank yourself later.

We used to purge with a mix of soap and scrap and thought it worked okay. Now that we're using Asaclean®, we never have to pull screws and are shocked by our savings. What a difference.”
Chuck , Process Technician, Custom Molder, Wisconsin

Asaclean® customers save an average of 67% vs. Purging with In-House Purge.

With These Options, Your Machine Life & Performance Will Suffer

Over time, contamination can impact screw and die life which hurts your efficiency and puts more pressure on your maintenance team. Using a Purging Compound extends the performance and lifetime of your parts. That's why several injection molding machine manufacturers, hot runner system manufacturers, and extruder manufacturers recommend Asaclean® for keeping their machines clean.

Here at Brabender, we've used Asaclean® for many years. We run the most exotic material combinations and thanks to Asaclean®'s high temp and strong-cleaning products we clean up quickly and easily. EX Grade is our favorite due to the high scrubbing capabilities at even higher temperatures. Some in-person customers were so impressed that they use Asaclean® for their own needs. Asaclean® gets 5-of-5 stars from our team.”
Christoph Pielen , President, CW Brabender, Extruder Manufacturer, New Jersey

Once your machine starts showing wear, you could be looking at much greater costs. Replacing molds, screws, dies, or barrels can destroy your profit margins.

After 25 years, Asaclean® has never had a customer report screw or machine damage due to using our products.

We pull our screws and inspect them, they're not pitted. I guess it's just from using it all the time. I think it conditions the barrels, I think it conditions the screws and keeps them fresh. Regular Asaclean® usage keeps our machines in much better condition.”
Ray D. , Plant Manager, Custom Molder, Southeast

Auto-Purge Settings Sabotage Your Savings

Many new machines come equipped with Auto-Purge settings. With so many technicians involved with the purging and cleaning process of their machines, usually across multiple shifts, processors and convertors struggle with getting everyone on same page with using a standard operating procedure (SOP). It's reasonable and understandable how an Auto-Purge function can be attractive.

Unfortunately, there are 2 reasons why Auto-Purge usually hurts the performance of your purging compounds.

1. One Size Doesn't Fit All

The functionality on your machine makes generalized recommendations to 'purge' the machine-meaning remove the material inside- but do not consider how purging compounds are supposed to be used. These features are not specific to the suppliers' purge instructions. We recommend different procedures for different situations. Furthermore, Auto-Purge doesn't offer options for Chemical Purging Compounds. You could be destroying your savings with the push of a button.

2. Auto-Purge doesn't Account for Cost-Per-Purge

Auto-Purge may push material out of the barrel, but it simply doesn't take your Cost-per-purge into consideration. For example, it neglects to account for how long the purging process takes (overall downtime) and how much weight of purge is used for a thorough cleaning and to get the job done. This tracks towards taking longer while using more quantity purge to complete the purging process. This leads towards higher cost-per-purge, inevitably resulting in spending more money than needed.

Most reputable commercial purge suppliers put a tremendous amount of R&D work into their purge products. They've spent countless hours perfecting their purge process over many years. Unless you can pre-program the Auto-Purge function using the Asaclean®'s recommendations, we recommend you avoid using it.

How to Use Purging Compounds Correctly

Asahi Kasei and Asaclean®'s R&D departments have been working for almost 30 years to engineer Purging Compounds that are perfect for your needs.

These are two important parts of this process:

1. Create a world-class product that delivers results

2. Develop procedures to repeat and optimize those results

The tricky part here is that neither the product nor the procedures will achieve the results on their own. You need to follow the correct instructions for your needs in to see your best possible cost savings. It sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised how often people choose to “wing it.”

Here are a few ways to avoid common purging mistakes:

1. Understand All Purging Compounds Are Different and Have Different Instructions for Different Situations

There is no one-size-fits-all purging compound. As processors gain experience, they may begin to treat all purging compounds the same way and run them using the same instructions. Maybe they used to purge at a previous job. Maybe they used to use a competitor and assume it's the same thing. This is hurting your performance. Read the instructions and follow them. We spent years developing best practices to get the most out of each grade of Asaclean®. We didn't write the instructions without making sure they are the best way to see the strongest results.

2. Different Purging Compounds Are the Best at Different Things

When most people think about Asaclean®, they usually think about EX Grade. It's the best cleaner on the market and it makes screw pulls a breeze. But just because it's the best grade for contamination and screw pulls, doesn't mean it's the best grade for everything. Work with an Asaclean® Purging Expert and we'll be sure to get you “the best purging compound” for you. Keep in mind that it might not be the one that you think you need. We will figure that out together.

plastic regrind granules mixture

3. Establish a Baseline Before Starting Using Asaclean®

Peter Drucker once said, “You can't manage what you don't measure.”

This is incredibly important to keep in mind before you start using Asaclean®. You need baseline processing data to know whether your purging compound is working for you.

How many good parts do you usually make? What is your scrap rate? How much material are you using now? What are your total costs (including labor)?

Understand these factors before you start your Purge Program.

4. Work with an Asaclean® Purging Expert to Develop Your Purge Program

As we've mentioned before, our Purging Experts are former processors who understand your processing challenges. They also happen to be experts in purging. When you fill out a free Purge Program Consultation request, your own dedicated Purging Expert will reach out to you within 10 minutes, guaranteed.

Here's how the Purge Program process works:

  • Introduction
    Have a short conversation about your processing challenges including resins, application, temperatures, etc.
  • Diagnosis
    They will help you diagnose the cause of the problem and will consider potential solutions.
  • Free Sample
    Your Purging Expert will send you a free sample of Asaclean®.
  • Cost Savings Analysis
    Your Asaclean® Purging Expert will work with you to set up expectations on potential savings using Asaclean®.
  • Trial
    We recommend having your Asaclean® Purging Expert on-site for trials because it's important for you to have an expert standing by to offer best practices and help troubleshoot. We've seen hundreds of situations just like yours and are an asset when you're deciding. If on-site trials are not possible, virtual options are also available.
  • Introduction of Purge Program
    Once the trial is complete, your Purging Expert will build a Purge Program to help get the best results based on your situation. Your expert will train all shifts on Asaclean® best practices to make sure they see the best possible product performance. Purge Programs can include best practices for changeovers, sealing during shutdowns, changeovers, screw pulls, holding a bubble in blown-film extrusion, etc. A Purge Program looks very different based on your situation.
It's very important to have a set purge program. Through the three shifts and all the technicians we have, we have hundreds of years of experience with folks that have all grew up in different environments and have all learned different ways and techniques. We're standardizing the procedures across shifts, and Asaclean® is helping us do just that.
John S. , Manufacturing Manager, Medical Molder, Northwest

5. More Purge Doesn't Mean Better Cleaning

When it comes to Purging Compounds, less is more.


You may be surprised to hear that from a company that sells Asaclean®, but it really shouldn't be all that surprising.

We sell solutions. We want to sell you cost savings.

If you need more Asaclean® to do a certain job, you will see lower cost savings.

We understand that If you aren't happy with the performance of Asaclean®, you will probably start looking elsewhere.

Our teams aren't paid-per-pound sold. We recommend the correct amount of product to get the job done. If you use too much product, your benefits will decrease. Follow our recommendations to get the most out of your investment.

employees in a warehouse reviewing plans

6. BONUS TIP: If You're Trialing Against Competitors, Be Sure to Follow Each Suppliers' Instructions

If you don't use the correct instructions, your trial's end data will be flawed. Give each product a chance to perform during your trials.

You're investing the time, manpower, and energy to try to pick a purge supplier and help your company save. That's great!

As we've said before, Purging Compounds only work when you use them correctly.

Set yourself up for success even if it means the instructions are different during a trial.

The application is the constant. The product isn't. If you follow the correct procedures for each product and a grade stands out, then you have the best choice for your plant.

The Importance of Training

Training is the Difference Maker

Everyone starts introduces a Purge Program with the best intentions.

You are fired up during a trial. You're excited about the potential results.

You make the right buying decision. And then? Life happens.

The market changes. Plants have turnover. Supply-chain issues crop up.

We know that Asaclean® isn't always going to be your top priority. You'll have other projects and much bigger things to worry about.

But one thing remains. Training is key.

We will train your entire team to use Asaclean® correctly. We will train new hires as you experience turnover. We will be available 24/7 for support, regardless of your shift.

Our commitment to your team's success is ongoing.

We're here to make you better. Lean on us.

training employee how to use a machine

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