PX2 Grade
Superior High Temperature

PX2 Grade purging compound excels in purging super-engineering resins at processing temperatures of up to 420°C (790°F). PX2 Grade is the most powerful high-temperature grade for hard-to-clean resins.

Processing Temperature Range:

280°C-420°C (535°F-790°F)


    Produces low levels of smoke and odor.

    PX2 Grade generates low levels of smoke and odor across the entire operating temperature range of 280°C to 420°C (535°F to 790°F).

    PX2 Grade features superior cleaning power.

    This purging compound grade is used exclusively for purging super-engineering, high-temperature resins such as PPS, PEEK, LCP and PEI.


    • High-temperature purge
    • Designed for super-engineering resins
    • Superior cleaning power
    • Glass-filled
    • Ideal for removing contamination
    • Excellent thermal stability at high processing temperatures
    • Color and material changes
    • No soak time required


    Usage Information

    Temperature Range 280°C to 420°C (535°F to 790°F)
    Minimum Clearance Please speak to a Technical Sales Representative for further information on hot runner gate and extrusion die clearances.
    Amount of Purge Typically 1-2 system capacities (actual amount depends on degree of contamination)
    Applications Injection Molding
    Extrusion - profile, sheet, cast film & compounding
    Types of Resin Exclusively used for purging super-engineering resins such as PPS, PEEK, ULTEM, LCP, PEI, etc.


    • For maximum performance, Asaclean® PX2 Grade should not be diluted with other materials.
    • Asaclean® PX2 Grade does not work by chemical reaction, so there is no soak time or hold-up time required for an effective purge.
    • PX2 Grade should not be left idle in the machine at any temperature for any period of time.
    • For nozzle hang-up or check ring cleaning (carbon and/or color deposits), use short, high-velocity shots.
    • Do NOT use PX2 Grade for hot runner cleaning and sealing due to its glass content.


    Physical Form Solid
    Shape Pellets
    Color Milky white - light yellow
    Water Solubility Insoluble
    Other Solvent Solubility Soluble in aromatic and ester solvents (except for inorganic content)
    Stability Stable under normal temperatures
    Reactivity Non-reactive under normal handling and storage conditions
    Conditions to Avoid Do not exceed recommended temperature range.
    Do not allow Asaclean® PX2 Grade to reside in barrel for ANY period of time at ANY temperature.


    Specific Gravity 1.61 at 23°C (73°F)
    Softening Point 150°C (302°F)
    Flashpoint 460°C (860°F)
    Autoignition Temp 520°C (968°F)

    Packaging Options

    • 44 lb. bags (pictured)


    Please Note: The above data should be used for reference only.

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