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Mechanical Purging Compounds

Asaclean® offers a line of Mechanical Purging Compounds engineered specifically to match your processing temperatures, your resins, your MFR's, and your processing needs.

Whether you're struggling with severe contamination or just trying to improve changeover times, we have a grade of Asaclean® for you.


On average, Asaclean® customers save 63% using our Mechanical Purging Compounds


Mechanical Purging Compounds depend on your machine’s power to do the work. They perform best in injection molding and other high-pressure applications. This is because they rely on pressure and agitation to clean out the previous resin or any contamination within your machine.

Unlike regrind or virgin resins, Mechanical Purging Compounds are designed to clean. They have strong detergency and have no affinity to metal. This guarantees your machine will be running clean in no time.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in purging, so let us help you find the best grade of Asaclean® for your processing goals. Request a Free Sample today and Learn why over 2,000 customers are currently using Asaclean®.

I was struggling with color changeovers on a hot runner tool. I reached out to a few purge companies, but we went with Asaclean®. Their product worked the best, and the service was great. I instantly hit it off with my rep, and we appreciate how we get treated. I've used them ever since.”
Roger , Plant Manager, Consumer Goods, Southeast

Here is Asaclean®'s full line of Mechanical Purging Compounds:


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Use our Grade Selection Guide to learn which Asaclean® Purging Compounds are right for your specific goals.

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