U Grade
Enhanced General Purpose

U Grade is a versatile, high-performance purging compound especially suited for color and material changes for thermoplastic injection molding and extrusion molding machines.

Processing Temperature Range:

180°C-330°C (355°F-625°F)*


    General purpose meets high performance.

    U Grade's styrenic-based cleaning power approaches that of our strongest scrubber, EX Grade, but without the glass filler. This makes U Grade ideal for applications that require higher detergency while maintaining lower residue.

    Purges most commodity and engineering resins.

    U Grade has a wide service temperature range encompassing most commodity, engineering and super-engineering resins, eliminating the need for multiple upgrades.

    U Grade purging compound is also recommended for hot runner cleaning, as well as sealing and shutting down machines to prevent carbon on start-ups.



    Usage Information

    Temperature Range 180°C to 330°C (355°F to 625°F)*
    Minimum Clearance 0.5 mm (.020") for hot runner gates & extrusion dies;
    for extrusion screen packs, nothing finer than 100-me sh
    screen packs may be used.
    Amount of Purge Typically 1-2 system capacities (actual amount
    depends on degree of contamination)
    Applications Injection Molding - including hot runners
    Extrusion - profile, sheet, cast film & compounding
    Types of Resin Most commodity and engineering resins within
    the processing temperature range


    • For maximum performance, Asaclean® U Grade should not be diluted with other materials.
    • Asaclean® U Grade does not work by chemical reaction, so there is no soak time or hold-up time required for an effective purge.
    • Asaclean® U Grade works best with maximum agitation. Use the maximum safe screw speed and, for thermoplastic injection molding, also use maximum safe back pressure with the screw in the most forward position.


    Physical Form Solid
    Shape Pellets
    Color Milky white - light yellow
    Water Solubility Insoluble
    Other Solvent Solubility Soluble in methyl ethyl ketone, cyclohexanone, etc. (except for inorganic content)
    Stability Stable under normal temperatures
    Reactivity Non-reactive under normal handling and storage conditions
    Conditions to Avoid Do not exceed recommended temperature range. Do not allow Asaclean® U Grade to reside in barrel for more than 30 minutes at temperatures higher than 280°C (535°F).


    Specific Gravity 1.25 at 23°C (73°F)
    Softening Point 130°C (266°F)
    Flashpoint 380°C (716°F)
    Autoignition Temp 490°C (914°F)

    Packaging Options

    • 55 lb. boxes
    • 250 lb. poly-bags (pictured)
    • 1,750 lb. gaylords

    Please Note: The above data should be used for reference only.
    *If processing between 330°C to 360°C (625°F to 680°F), local ventilation is required.

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