NCH Grade Purging Compound (Formerly Hybrid 400™)

NCH Grade is a Hybrid purging compound formulated to offer the benefits of both Mechanical and Chemical purging compounds. NCH is suited for color and material changes for thermoplastic extrusion, and extrusion blow molding machines. NCH is effective when used for sealing and shutting down machines to prevent carbon on start-ups.
(Formerly Hybrid 400™)

arrow High Performance, Mechanical/Chemical Hybrid arrow Polyethylene – Based
arrow Uses chemical purging principles, with simplified procedures.
arrow Preferred product for extrusion blow molding applications.

Resins Purged: Most high viscosity commodity and engineering grade resins within the processing temperature range.

NCH See our other grades
applications Color Changes checkmar NCR, NCT, NCF
Material Changes checkmar NCR, NCT, NCF
Hot Runner Cleaning NCR
Shutdown/Sealing checkmark NCR, NCT, NCF
Clear/Low Residue Applications NCF
High Temperature Resins NCT
Low Temperature Resins
Carbon/Color Contamination checkmar NCR, NCT

Processing temperature: 175°C to 360°C (345°F to 680°F)

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Tips For Proper Usage Of ASACLEAN

Tips when using ASACLEAN-N Series Hybrid Purging Compound:

arrow Pre-purge with a stiff materials like extrusion grade HDPE for very difficult color/material changes.
arrow Soak 5 minutes, purge, repeat if necessary, run production.
arrow Increase temperatures in trouble spots 30°C to 55°C (50°F to 100°F) within the processing temperature range.