NCT Grade Purging Compound (Formerly Supernova™ HT)

NCT Grade is a chemical purging compound for high temperature resins, and is well suited for color and material changes for thermoplastic injection molding and extrusion machines. NCT grade can be used for sealing and shutting down machines to prevent carbon on start-ups.(Formerly Supernova™ HT)
arrow For High Temperature Resins arrow Polyethylene – Based
arrow Ideal for applications involving higher processing temperatures, and low flow or low pressure environments where foaming action is critical.
arrow Reduced foaming action to compensate for elevated temperatures.

Resins Purged:
Most engineering resins within the processing temperature range, above 175⁰C (350⁰F)

NCT See our other grades
applications Color Changes checkmar NCR, NCH, NCFPLUS
Material Changes checkmar NCR, NCH, NCFPLUS
Hot Runner Cleaning NCRPLUS
Shutdown/Sealing checkmar NCR, NCH, NCF
Clear/Low Residue Applications NCFPLUS
High Temperature Resins checkmar
Low Temperature Resins
Carbon/Color Contamination checkmar NCR, NCHPLUS

Processing temperature: 175°C to 360°C (345°F to 680°F)

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Tips For Proper Usage Of ASACLEAN

Tips when using ASACLEAN-N Series Chemical Purging Compound:

arrow Pre-purge with a stiff HMW-HDPE for difficult color/material changes.
arrow Soak 10-30 minutes, depending on specific application.
arrow No need to raise heats for high temperature applications.

Purging Compound Process Pinpoint Diagnosis

When you run into a problem with residue, high reject rate or carbon buildup, you can’t afford lots of downtime in your production process.

Enter: ASACLEAN’s Process Pinpoint Diagnosis.

Your Purging Process Expert is usually able to diagnose whether it’s a machine or contamination issue after having a conversation over the phone. Your expert doesn’t just analyze symptoms, but adopts a holistic approach to your entire process.

Once we diagnose the root-cause issue, we send you a purging compound sample and detailed instructions so you can test out the new solution.

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