PX2 Grade – High Temperature

Purging Compound For Thermal Stability

PX2 Grade purging compound excels in purging super-engineering resins at processing temperatures of up to 420°C (790°F). PX2 Grade is the most powerful high-temperature grade for hard-to-clean resins.

PX2 Grade Purging Compound Features

  • Produces low levels of smoke and odor.
    Px2 Grade generates low levels of smoke and odor across the entire operating temperature range of 280°C to 420°C (535°F to 790°F).
  • PX2 Grade features superior cleaning power.
    This purging compound grade is used exclusively for purging super-engineering, high-temperature resins such as PPS, PEEK, LCP and PEI.

PX2 Grade Purging Compound Applications*

PX2 See our other grades
applications Color Changes checkmar EX, UP, HP, U, E, PFNB, NCNFNH
Material Changes checkmark EX, UP, U, E, PF,  NB, NCNFNH
Hot Runner Cleaning UP, HP, U, E, PFNH
Shutdown/Sealing UP, HP, U, E, PFNB, NC
Clear/Low Residue Applications E
High Temperature Resins checkmark EXPF
Low Temperature Resins E
Carbon/Color Contamination checkmark EX, UNFNH

*PX2 Grade’s processing temperature is 280°C to 420°C (535°F to 790°F). Please connect with a Purging Process Expert for further information.

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Tips For Proper Usage Of PX2 Grade ASACLEAN

  • For maximum performance, ASACLEAN should not be diluted with other materials.
  • ASACLEAN does not work by chemical reaction, so there is no soak time or hold-up time required for an effective purge. v
  • ASACLEAN works best with maximum agitation – use the maximum safe screw speed and, for thermoplastic injection molding, also use maximum safe back pressure with the screw in the most forward position. (Mechanical Purge Grades)
  • PX2 Grade should not be left idle in the machine at any temperature for any period of time.
  • For nozzle hang-up or check ring cleaning (carbon and/or color deposits), use short, high-velocity shots.
  • Do NOT use PX2 Grade for hot runner cleaning and sealing due to its glass content.

Purging Compound Process Pinpoint Diagnosis

When you run into a problem with residue, high reject rate or carbon buildup, you can’t afford lots of downtime in your production process.

Enter: ASACLEAN’s Process Pinpoint Diagnosis.

Your Purging Process Expert is usually able to diagnose whether it’s a machine or contamination issue after having a conversation over the phone. Your expert doesn’t just analyze symptoms, but adopts a holistic approach to your entire process.

Once we diagnose the root-cause issue, we send you a purging compound sample and detailed instructions so you can test out the new solution.

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