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In this resources section, you’ll find educational information pertaining to thermoplastics injection molding, extrusion and blow molding, and how ASACLEAN purging compounds are used to optimize your production runs.
Check out the following resources to further enhance your understanding of purging compounds, along with reducing waste and production downtime to improve your production efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Does ASACLEAN Work?

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Cleaning Procedures & Recommendations

ASACLEAN Purging Process Resource Center

At ASACLEAN, we take training your team on how to properly use our products seriously. That’s why we’ve created in-depth, informative videos on purging procedures for thermoplastic injection molding and the extrusion process.

Whether you’re looking into ASACLEAN purging compounds for the first time, or you need to ramp up a new team member on basic purging tips or pre-maintenance cleaning, our training videos are the next best thing to having a live trainer on site.

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