Purging Compound Innovation

Asahi Kasei Asaclean Americas Inc. understands that purchasing a purging compound is about so much more than just purging machinery and cleaning out equipment. It’s about increasing production efficiency, reducing downtime and eliminating waste.

That’s why we take a Clean & Lean Approach to addressing the bigger issue of your facility’s production needs – from the first run to the final purge. The result is greater cost savings.

About ASACLEAN Innovative Purging Compounds

ASACLEAN purging compounds were originally developed in 1990 by the Research and Development laboratories of Asahi Kasei Corporation. ASACLEAN is based on Asahi’s technological expertise in the manufacturing of engineering plastics.

Our purging compounds are formulated with ingredients that are specifically designed to clean injection molding and extrusion machines. These purging compound product grades are all mechanical purges that require neither mixing nor soaking time. ASACLEAN is safe and easy to use.

In June of 2015, we introduced the ASACLEAN N-Series. This expanded product line includes mechanical, chemical and hybrid purging compounds. With the addition of these products into the ASACLEAN purging compound grades, we now offer a wide array of quality products that meet almost any purging scenario.

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A cleaner, leaner and more profitable manufacturing process is a combined effort of onsite training sessions, holistic diagnosis processes and think-ahead alerts. With this comprehensive approach, we make certain that ASACLEAN quality purging compounds are being used properly to truly optimize your production process.

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