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The following are a wide range of customer testimonials exemplifying their positive experiences with using ASACLEAN purging compounds. Read the reviews and imagine what ASACLEAN can do for you.

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“This screw was running black 30% glass-filled nylon 66. The nozzle assembly and barrel end cap was removed and the screw was just ‘pushed’ out of the barrel with little effort. They peeled some residue off the flights, but were amazed at just how ‘clean’ the screw was. Our maintenance technicians are wholly on board with ASACLEAN!”

– A Custom Molder In The South

“Yesterday we did a color change from blue to natural on lifting rings. In the past we used to make about 200pc. rejects due to discoloration. After using ASACLEAN we were able to reduce scrap to 5pcs. We use 50lb. purging compound in this process. According to procedure, we should theoretically use only 11 lbs. for an 85oz. barrel. Since we’ve never done this before, I assume this is the reason why we used a large amount the first time because not only blue color was coming out from the barrel.”

– A Midwest Molder

“With ASACLEAN, we can pull a screw and it is virtually spotless. We had a screw supplier (they also sleeve barrels and repair screws) examine the screw after purging with ASACLEAN and he was amazed by how clean it was. He said, and I quote, ‘I have never seen a screw come out that clean!’ I too was amazed since that press runs a lot of black 10% GF PC. After purging with ASACLEAN, it was clean. I mean spotless. We have not seen the same results from [other purges]. ASACLEAN is hands down better in every application where we’ve been able to compare [with other] product lines. I stand by that statement.”

– Brad Borne, President/CEO, Ideas, Inc.

“When I first heard there was a purging compound that could get PEEK off a screw and barrel instead of a manual cleaning, I was very skeptical. But, given that ASACLEAN’s other purging compound grades have worked so well for us, I gave it a try. We were able to go from black PEEK to natural poly­propylene without a manual screw and barrel clean and without any contamination using the new high-temperature PX2 Grade. ASACLEAN is the only purging compound I’ll ever use.”

– Medical Injection Molder

One of our Technical Sales Representatives recently visited their customer, The Tech Group, in Tempe, AZ. After the visit, this is what they had to say:

“After purging with ASACLEAN EX Grade and then pulling the screw, the screw had very little residue. But comparing to how it looked before, it was close to nothing. The guys are giving you lots of thanks for making their screw pulls a lot easier. Once again, thank you.”

– The Tech Group, AZ

“ASACLEAN Grade E (opaque-white pellet) works efficiently with Nylon12/NR blend. It makes it easy to clean the screw at 220°C processing temps.”

– Saravalee Saengthaveep, Department Of Polymer Engineering, The University of Akron

“The reason I responded when asked about ASACLEAN is due to the change it has made at the shop. Before, it would take us up to 30 minutes just to purge one color or material before we could start a different job. Now that time is down to five to ten minutes, max. It has helped us become more efficient and has improved our start times. It is truly the best purging compound I have worked with.”

– Custom Molder, IN

“The ASACLEAN purging compound sample worked so well, we had everyone come over to see the purge. We then tested a competitor’s purge against the ASACLEAN U Grade and the ASACLEAN won hands down.  We purged ULTEM at 680°F and it cleaned the barrel in just a few barrel capacities, a job which we always wind up pulling the screw for. We didn’t need to pull the screw after running U Grade. ASACLEAN is the house favorite.”

– Custom Molder, MA

“Before ASACLEAN, we’d use around $10,000 worth of ABS to purge each month. With ASACLEAN, we saved that resin and our purge cost per month is now down to $4,000. The savings are clear and we all see how the usage of an ASACLEAN is justified!”

– Francisco Miranda, Buyer At Consumer Products Molder In Nuevo Leon, Mexico

“I have already run various tests with the ASACLEAN product and it has reduced scrap considerably. Last week, we had a KAIZEN course where I had the opportunity to use the purge on a black-to-white color change. I received excellent time- and cost-savings results. I think it’s an excellent beginning. I thank you for your support!”

– Molder In Mexico

“I am happy to advise that our engineers report good results and are satisfied with the performance of the ASACLEAN U Grade. We process polymers in numerous heat ranges and have predictable (purging) performance with low to no odor while using it. Please continue to deliver the same good product. Thanks again for your follow up!”

– Tier 1 Automotive Molder

“Results from using the ASACLEAN purging compound were satisfactory! The toughest spots to purge, the valve gates, were cleaned quickly. Cleaning was verified when parts were injected after the purge and displaced by our PP resin without a problem.”

– Molder In Mexico

“We tried a ‘high-temperature’ purge from another company and had problems with it. The rep tried to get me to use the reformulated product after the first product they gave me solidified in the nozzle. I refused based on the fact that he had me try a product that he knew could solidify. I no longer trusted him. We are now a loyal ASACLEAN user and have total faith in it – nothing else comes close to the SX Grade. We use it to purge a PEEK material with nano fibers from Victrex, processed around 750°F to 780°F.”

– Kleiss Gears, WI

“I was able to try a competitor’s purge (chemical/hybrid) against ASACLEAN today and found that ASACLEAN pulled way more off of the screw and barrel than the (competitor). It was pretty remarkable how, when using the (competitor), the compound just looked like straight compound that came out of the barrel as if you were using it on a machine that was running no colorant additive to the process. But when I used the purging compound, it seemed to completely remove all of the colorant, and it also cleared up the purge to a clear consistency right away. This allowed us to go right back into running with the least amount of scrap I’ve ever seen.”

– Process Engineer, Plastic Manufacturer In The Midwest

“We used to purge with a mix of soap and scrap, and thought that worked really well. Now that we’re using ASACLEAN, we’ve taken ‘purging successfully’ to a new level of cost savings.”

– Chuck, Custom Molder, WI

A molding company in Ohio has a seasoned maintenance team. They were recently astonished to see how well EX Grade actually works. According to a 30-year maintenance professional, it was the easiest and cleanest screw pull he’s ever completed.

“After removing the EX Grade from the screw, it looked like new. We’re firm believers – this really works as advertised! Every molder should give it a try.”

– Process Engineer, Ohio Molder

“I’ve used every purge on the market and ASACLEAN is the only ‘quality’ purge I will ever use!”

– Shawn, Bishop Circle Assembly, MI

“We have been molding short shots with the UP Grade and it has been working well for us. Our color changes are faster and we waste less resin. A win-win.”

– Lexamar Corporation, MI

“Every time I have used the EX Grade I have been very pleased. It is super effective before clear/transparent jobs. I have been using it followed by the E Grade part of the time. I am finding the E Grade isn’t always necessary; the EX Grade comes out of the barrel quickly enough for most applications.”

– Process Engineer, NW Custom Molding Company

“We’re very happy with ASACLEAN’s SX Grade.  We save time and money by being able to purge our high temperature process right after we finish the molding job, have confidence that our machine is clean and we have little to no rejects when we start our next run.”

– Alex DeCarlo, KB Delta, CA

“The EX Grade works very well and everybody is really comfortable using it. The SX Grade has been used for our Polysulfone application and did a great job minimizing contamination issues that we always deal with when we run this material. The results have been the best start-up (without a lot of contamination) since anyone can remember.”

– Dustin Koob, Process Engineer, Molded Materials Inc.

“We have used the EX Grade before. We ran into a tough problem lately and the EX did the trick! Mostly we’ll use it for carbon and screw pulls, but also when going from a high-temp resin to a lower-temp resin. I really like the product and would recommend it to anyone!”

– Ed, 1st Shift Foreman, Wisconsin Molder

“We use ASACLEAN to purge our barrels for color changes and reduced our change-over time by 64%! Chemical reactive purging compounds took too long, having to wait for our barrel temperatures to drop; mechanical purges were too costly. ASACLEAN does the best at the right price!”

– William, Closure Molder In The Midwest

“ASACLEAN is working well for us – no issues at all! We really want to thank you for not increasing your prices.”

– Andrew Godde, Machine Group Supervisor, Hi-Lex America

“Your product works so well it sells itself. In fact, in most cases, it costs money to NOT have it!”

– Stan Liniarski Jr., Serv-Plas, MI

“We have had a significant reduction in purging/setup time as well as contamination and scrap. ASACLEAN is currently saving us $75,000 per year in scrap and purging time. Savings are expected to increase to $150,000 per year once ASACLEAN is implemented plant-wide.”

– Roger, Injection Molder At An Automotive Supplier In The Midwest

“This product pays for itself and then some.”

– Russ Cannon, Spirex Corporation

“The U Grade not only keeps the tips and screws clean, but eliminates the need to pull the screw for anything but regular preventative maintenance. This has been a major cost savings for us. I estimate that for this particular product line, U Grade reduced restart time by 60 percent, and eliminated unscheduled screw pulls (possibly 12 per year). The U Grade has raised the bar for all purging compounds.”

– Mike N., Process Technician, Injection Molder In North Carolina

“… ASACLEAN has proven to be an excellent purging compound as validated by internal testing as well as very positive feedback from several customers. As Tech Service Engineer for North America, I am more than happy to recommend your product.”

– Bob Lamb, Technical Service Engineer, Victrex USA Inc.

“I have tested many types and brands of purging compounds in order to cut down on Bare Metal Cleanings, and the only real timesaver I have found is ASACLEAN.”

– John Mata, Process Technician, Toro Agricultural Irrigation

“We brought tooling in for a new reservoir program, which required me to place it in our 420 ton KM. This press has had black Accu-tuf-4104 HDPP running in it for around 1 1/2 years without the screw ever being cleaned. Your purging compound removed it with one wash. We were running clear homopolymer/fractional melt for the new program and after 10 shots, we were keeping clean, clear parts. We would like to thank you for your continued service and updates on your corporation’s new products.”

– An Automotive Molder In Portage, MI

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