Injection Molding Process Parameter Sheet

By:Asaclean Staff on April 18, 2014

Everyone wants to put their skills and knowledge to good use, and be loyal to the company they work for. Given the fast pace world we live in, opinions vary and so do methods of standardizing process flow. One particular obstacle is how to make a process parameter sheet easy to understand, with all the various name brand machines and controller types used on existing molding machines.

A simplified, basic process parameter sheet could be beneficial to everyone that a given molding machine. The Injection, Clamp, and Temperature profiles are the most important parameters and the most common screens on a machine controller.

Here is a copy of a process parameter sheet I’ve used in the past, and it helped standardize the process parameter sheet in the plant. This one standardized sheet made it much easier for new hires to learn, and knowing everyone was using the same sheet eliminated confusion regarding what or where certain process parameters were documented on the sheet.

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