ASACLEAN PF GRADE INJECTION PURGING INSTRUCTIONS for removal of high heat resins for pre-maintenance cleaning (Above 370°C, 700°F)

1. Upon completion of the production run, extrude the high heat resin from the machine, emptying the barrel. Clean the hopper and feed throat.
2. Feed about 1 barrel capacity of ASACLEAN PF into the hopper
3. Increase screw speed to maximum safe level, while also increasing back pressure enough to keep the screw in the forward position. If resin contamination is still visible in the purge pile, repeat steps 2-3 until clean.
4. Set all temperatures to 280°C – 300°C (535°F – 570°F) and continue purging under slow screw speed until temps are below 370°C (700°F)

ASACLEAN PF Grade should not be left idle in the barrel for any period of time above 370°C (700°F)

5. When all temperatures are below 370°C (700°F), stop the screw. Leave the barrel completely full of ASACLEAN PF to prevent oxygen from entering the barrel.
6. Do not allow the temperatures in the injection molder to drop below 280°C (535°F) with ASACLEAN PF in the barrel as overloading of the screw may occur when screw rotation resumes.
7. When temperatures all reach 280°C – 300°C (535°F – 570°F) , begin feeding ASACLEAN EX at a slow screw speed into the injection molder to remove deposits from the screw and barrel and to make it easier to pull the screw. Follow the standard “ASACLEAN PURGING INSTRUCTIONS for PRE-MAINTENANCE CLEANING and SCREW PULL.” A nonglass-filled grade of ASACLEAN, such as ASACLEAN U, can be used to clean the screw and barrel, instead of the EX grade, but may not be as effective at removing stubborn deposits.