Examine these case studies conducted on purging compounds and see how your purging process benefits.

Customer Case Studies

ASACLEAN Purging Compounds

Check out our case studies and see how the use of ASACLEAN has helped customers successfully remove contamination, facilitate color and resin changeovers and reduce scrap rate and production downtime.

The University Of Wisconsin-Madison

The results reported in this case study highlight the effectiveness of these particular ASACLEAN purging compounds.

A research team with the Polymer Engineering Center at the University Of Wisconsin-Madison tested three grades of ASACLEAN purging compounds, including the high-temperature Grade PX product. The testing was done in relation to the Recycling Of PEEK project they conducted. Dr.-Ing. Natalie Rudolph, Postdoctoral Research Associate, and Katerina Sanchez, Graduate Student, led the project. Dr.-Ing. Rudolph commented, “… We were able to extrude and injection mold PEEK very well with your material, while we weren’t able to process it before.”

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Kleiss Gears, Inc.

The results reported in this case study highlight the effectiveness of particular ASACLEAN purging compounds.

Established in 1991, Kleiss Gears specializes in the custom design and manufacture of injection-molded polymer gears with a full range of gearing services, including design, prototypes, tooling, molding, inspections and testing. The average time it was taking to remove, clean and reinstall their screws was five hours, and ASACLEAN reduced that by 50 percent.

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