ASACLEAN Plastic Purging Compounds

An Overview Of Benefits And Features

As a manager at your facility, we understand that you are looking for ways to reduce contamination and scrap rate and optimize efficiency for color/resin changeovers. The ultimate goal is to get a machine cleaned quickly so it’s ready for the next run. Plastic purging is your answer.  Why Asaclean?

ASACLEAN purging compounds products allow you the ability to quickly transition between colors and resins with minimal downtime, while also maintaining the integrity of your equipment.

ASACLEAN Purging Compound Benefits

  • Faster changeovers and reduced machine downtime
  • Effective removal of color and carbon contamination
  • Reduced need for screw-pulls
  • Lower rejects, less scrap
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater cost savings

ASACLEAN Plastic Purging Compound Features

  • Grades available to purge resins between 160°C to 420°C (320°F to 790°F)
  • Resin-based purging compound
  • No mixing is required
  • Low affinity to metal surfaces, making it easy to displace by most resins
  • Thermally stable, making it ideal for shutdown and sealing

To learn more about ASACLEAN purging compounds, please visit our Purging Products section, as well as our Grade Selection Guide.

We also encourage you to visit the Purging Process Resource Center. This page offers you training videos, guidelines, technical documentation and more to help answer your purging compound questions.

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