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5 Insider Secrets For Swifter Color Changes Of Thermoplastic Resins

5 Insider Secrets For Swifter Color Changes Of Thermoplastic Resins
5_Insider_Secrets_For_Swifter_Color_Changes_Of_Thermoplastic_Resins.jpgAre you looking for quicker color and resin changes for your injection molding machine? Here are five industry-insider secrets to consider when purchasing a purging compound to improve your purging process:

Secret #1: Look for a purging compound supplier with a wide range of products.

There are different types of purging compounds, each designed for use with specific resins and operating temperatures. When you partner with a supplier that offers a wide range of products, they’re able to help you find the right product grades to effectively address your purging process issues.

Secret #2: Don’t go for the cheapest product based on price-per-pound.

Cheaper methods of purging, such as natural resins, do not effectively clean machines. As contaminants develop during production runs, resins also take up residence, causing machine degradation and defects. Just as detergents are necessary for washing clothes, a high-performance purging compound is necessary for purging thermoplastic resins.

Secret #3: Request a sample of the purging compound you’re considering.

All commercial purging compounds are not made equal. Run trials with multiple purging compounds to see which product best suits your needs. Most purging compound suppliers provide a free sample. The best way to judge the product is to try a sample on your thermoplastic injection molding machine and see the results for yourself.

Secret #4: Analyze the data from your sample purging compound trials.

Often, it is quite easy to see the differences in performance between using commercial purging compounds and virgin resin or regrind. However, when you are already using a commercial purging compound, and are comparing it with other brands of purges, you may need to perform a cost analysis based on the trial data.

Include the cost of the purging compounds that were tested along with other critical factors, such as machine downtime cost and cost to displace the purging compound.

Secret #5: Talk to technical sales reps of purging compound suppliers.

It’s highly recommended that you speak with a technical sales rep about your purging problems, and ask questions before making a purchase. A supplier’s technical sales reps should be able to answer your technical questions as well as assist you with a cost savings analysis. It’s a red flag if the sales rep says, “I will get back to you with the answer.”

Plastic waste, created daily due to poor resin color changes, and product contamination drain your time and profitability. With the growing acceptance of commercial purging compounds in the thermoplastics-processing industry, these five secrets will help you get the best product and the most return on your investment.

Ready to achieve quicker color and resin changes? Discover why purging compounds and process efficiency must work in tandem.

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