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Asaclean C: Mastering Color Changes in Injection Molding for 2024

Asaclean C: Mastering Color Changes in Injection Molding for 2024

Welcome to 2024! As the plastic industry embarks on another promising year, staying ahead with innovative solutions is crucial. Today, we highlight a significant breakthrough for those grappling with color transitions in injection molding - Asaclean C, our efficient and economical mechanical purge compound.

Challenge in Color Change:

Recently, an injection molder with presses ranging from 550T to 3000T faced challenges in switching from black to white colors. This task was time-consuming and resource-intensive despite using glass-filled polypropylene (GF PP) for the transition. The process required extensive amounts of PP and several hours of production time, indicating a need for a more efficient solution.

Solution with Asaclean C:

In response, we introduced Asaclean C, a standout solution from our diverse range of purge compounds. Asaclean C is a Styrenic-based, general-purpose mechanical purge compound, excelling in color/material changes, carbon removal, and machine shutdowns or sealing. With a temperature range of 355F to 625F, it combines cost-effectiveness with high performance.

Client-Centric Approach:

Understanding the molder's budget constraints, we proposed Asaclean C, which, though slightly more expensive than GF PP, offers superior efficiency. We provided a trial quantity of Asaclean C at no cost. We extended our full support through on-site technical assistance and best practice training, showcasing our commitment to client success.

Impactful Results:

The outcome was remarkable. Asaclean C reduced downtime by 4 hours, enhancing productivity significantly. This saved time and resulted in a 60% overall cost reduction, demonstrating the economic advantage of choosing the right purge compound.

For those seeking an economical, user-friendly purge compound that excels in hot runners, Asaclean C is the ideal choice. Experience enhanced efficiency and cost savings in your color change process with Asaclean C.

As we continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities of 2024, we wish all our readers a prosperous and innovative year ahead. Stay tuned for our weekly blog posts, where we'll keep sharing insights and solutions to help you excel in the plastic industry. Happy New Year and warm wishes from the Asaclean team!



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