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Color Changes on the Fly for Blown Film Applications

Color Changes on the Fly for Blown Film Applications

OTF Color Change


Blown film extrusion is a critical aspect of plastic manufacturing, and optimizing efficiency while minimizing material waste is essential. In this blog post, we’ll delve into a specific challenge faced by a medical company in California: color changes during blown film production using Nylon instead of the usual PE (polyethylene). We’ll also introduce a solution that streamlines color transitions and improves startup procedures.

The Challenge

The medical company encountered difficulties with its spiral die, which tended to accumulate Nylon residue during production. Shut-downs were inefficient, resulting in wasted material as they struggled to clear the die effectively. Additionally, changing colors quickly posed a significant challenge.

The Solution: UF2 Grade Purging Compound

To address these issues, we recommended the UF2 grade purging compound. Here’s how it benefits blown film applications:

  1. Effective Shut-Downs: The UF2 compound allows thorough flushing of Nylon during shut-downs, ensuring a clean die and preventing material buildup.
  2. Seamless Color Transitions: By maintaining the bubble from one color to the next, the UF2 compound enables rapid and efficient color changes. This feature is especially valuable for manufacturers who need to switch colors frequently.

Success Story

Since implementing the UF2 grade, the medical company has experienced smoother startups. They now flush out Nylon residue effectively during shut-downs and use the UF2 compound to seal the machine and dies. The result? Improved productivity and reduced material waste.


Color changes on the fly are no longer a headache for this blown film manufacturer. If you’re facing similar challenges or have purge-related questions, feel free to contact us at edespo@asaclean.com. We’re here to help!

Contact Asaclean today to discuss your specific purging needs and discover how we can help you unlock optimal production uptime.

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