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Make Sure You Have the Right Purge for Your Evolving Processing Needs

Make Sure You Have the Right Purge for Your Evolving Processing Needs
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In the fast-paced world of plastics manufacturing, ensuring the efficiency and quality of your operations is of the utmost importance. Selecting the right purging compound is essential. But are you sure the one you've been loyal to still aligns with your current needs?

Evolving Needs, Changing Solutions

For years, a prominent Southeast injection molding plant trusted Asaclean's EX Grade purging compound, primarily known for addressing carbon contamination issues. Its high cleaning efficiency made it a favorite for maintaining barrels, screws, and hot runner molds. Think about the complex changes - like changing from a PA6 resin with a 30% load to switching between Pulse GX50 resin (PC+ABS) and polystyrene in a hefty 1600-ton injector. For applications this demanding, a top-tier purge like EX was essential.

However, with EX's outstanding performance, contamination struggles diminished. Their purging routine transitioned from a combat approach to a preventative one. Contamination became so rare that full machine teardowns weren't necessary. Yet, were they optimizing their purge choice for this new landscape?

During an evaluation with their Purging Expert, a shift in strategy emerged. Their dedicated expert recommended moving towards general-purpose grades for routine tasks and reserving the power of EX for contamination. While these general-purpose grades might be lighter on the pocket, they don’t compromise on performance. Each Asaclean grade is uniquely designed to meet specific needs. If you've tackled contamination using EX and have imbibed best practices, this shift could be your next strategy.

Are You Using Your Purging Compound Correctly?

Decades of relentless research by Asahi Kasei and Asaclean®'s R&D teams have yielded purging compounds tailored to diverse needs. However, the compound is only half the magic. Correct application procedures are vital.

Remember, there's no universal solution when it comes to purging. As processors gather more experience, there's a tendency to generalize purging procedures. This one-size-fits-all approach can hurt your results. A crucial tip: Read and follow the instructions. They are designed based on years of trials to maximize product efficiency.

Moreover, not all purging compounds are made equal. EX Grade, for instance, is a renowned cleaner, ideal for tackling contamination. But is it perfect for all scenarios? This is where the expertise of an Asaclean® Purging Expert becomes invaluable. They help identify the best purging compound tailored for your needs.

Building Your Perfect Purge Program

Our Purging Experts, seasoned processors themselves, are well-versed in industry challenges. They blend this experience with deep purging knowledge to offer actionable insights.

The Purge Program consultation is straightforward:

  1. Introduction: Understand your unique processing challenges, including resins used, application, temperatures, and more.
  2. Diagnosis: Identify the root causes of your problems and explore potential solutions.
  3. Free Sample: Experience the efficacy of Asaclean® firsthand.
  4. Cost-Benefit Analysis: Quantify the potential savings from integrating Asaclean® into your routine.
  5. Trial: Ideally, have an Asaclean® expert onsite during trials. This ensures you benefit from their expertise in real-time, streamlining the process.
  6. Launch of Your Custom Purge Program: Your expert will craft a tailored program. They'll train your teams across all shifts, ensuring everyone is aligned.

As your needs change, so should your purge. Regular check-ins with your purging experts, even if you're a seasoned user of Asaclean, can uncover opportunities for refinement.
Finally, we encourage all our readers, whether you're a long-standing customer or just starting your purging journey, to leverage our free expert purge consultation. It's an opportunity to ensure you're on the optimal path.


In the intricate dance of injection molding, having the right purging partner can make all the difference. Ensure that your purging compound evolves in tandem with your needs. And always remember, the perfect purge isn't just about the product—it's about how you use it.

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