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Maximizing Profit: Overcoming Challenges in Color and Resin Changes

Maximizing Profit: Overcoming Challenges in Color and Resin Changes

Are You Missing Out on Business Opportunities?

As a plant manager, your primary responsibility is to enhance company profits. Achieving this goal involves two key strategies: cost reduction and revenue increase. While cost-cutting measures are essential, exploring new revenue streams is equally crucial.

The Dilemma of Adding New Product Lines

Adding new product lines can be both exciting and risky. Not every business venture yields positive results. In fact, how many times have you seen a seemingly promising product line negatively impact overall profits? The plastic extrusion industry faces similar challenges, particularly when it comes to resins and colors.

The Resin and Color Conundrum

Manufacturers of profiles, films, sheets, and blown parts often limit themselves to a narrow range of resins and colors. Why? The answer lies in the complexity of cleaning extrusion machines. These machines, especially the larger ones or those equipped with intricate accessories (such as gear pumps, vents, mixers, heads, and dies), can harbor contaminants. Cleaning them thoroughly becomes a daunting task.

The Black-and-White Approach

Some plants exclusively produce black parts, avoiding the complexities of multiple colors. While this approach works well for high-volume, single-color, and single-resin niches, it may limit growth opportunities. But what if your business model aims for customization, just-in-time production, and smaller batches?

Unlocking Profit Potential

To thrive as a successful plant manager, consider implementing best purging practices:

  1. Choose the Right Purge Compounds: Invest in high-quality purge compounds tailored to your specific resins. These compounds facilitate smooth transitions between different materials, minimizing downtime and waste.

  2. Master the Purging Process: Train your team to execute effective purging methods. Whether it’s chemical purging or mechanical purging, understanding the nuances ensures efficient color and resin changes.

  3. Invest in Expertise: Enlist the help of purging experts. Proper training and guidance empower your team to handle color and resin shifts seamlessly.

Breaking Free from Limitations

Don’t let resin variety hinder your growth. Whether you’re switching between PP, PE, ABS, ABS/PC, PC, PS, elastomers, or high-temperature specialties like PEI and PEEK, strategic purging practices can unlock new possibilities.


Embrace the challenge of color and resin changes. By mastering purging techniques, you’ll not only enhance your plant’s efficiency but also open doors to diverse product offerings. Explore the opportunities that lie within your installed machinery and propel your business forward.

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