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Navigating Tricky Changeovers: Solutions for Color Streaking and Material Contamination

Navigating Tricky Changeovers: Solutions for Color Streaking and Material Contamination

In the world of plastics manufacturing, consistency is king. Whether it's ensuring that a product maintains its aesthetic appeal or delivers on performance, every batch must adhere to set standards. Yet, there are moments in the manufacturing process where things can get challenging, especially during transitions - color or material changeovers. These transitions can sometimes result in color streaking or inconsistencies that impact product quality.

Understanding these intricacies is the first step in navigating them. With the combined expertise of Asaclean's purging compounds and processing insights, manufacturers have a powerful toolkit to address these challenges head-on.

Understanding the Challenges: Color and Material Changeovers

  1. Color Streaking: A common issue when transitioning between different colored materials, color streaking can mar the appearance of a product. Residues of the previous color can remain in the system, leading to streaks in subsequent batches.
  2. Material Changeovers: Switching between different material types can introduce a set of challenges. Differences in processing temperatures, flow rates, and material behaviors can lead to inconsistencies if not appropriately managed.

Delving Deep: The Underlying Causes

Several factors can contribute to these challenges:

  • Insufficient Cleaning: If you don't clean the system between changeovers, residues from the previous batch can contaminate the next.
  • Temperature Inconsistencies: Different materials and colors may require different processing temperatures. Inaccurate or inconsistent temperature control can lead to degradation or incomplete mixing.
  • Residual Pressure: If the system retains pressure from the previous run, it can push residues into the next batch, leading to streaking or inconsistencies.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities with Asaclean

  1. Precision Purging: Asaclean designed its purging compounds to address the challenges of color streaking and material changeovers. These compounds can effectively clean the system, removing all residues, whether color pigments or material contaminants.
  2. Industry Insights: with its deep knowledge of extrusion processes, Asaclean's Purging Experts offer insights into best practices for managing changeovers. Combined with Asaclean's products, their expertise gives manufacturers a holistic approach to managing changeovers.
  3. Consistent Temperature Management: With a dedicated Purging Expert's guidance, manufacturers can better manage processing temperatures during transitions, processing materials at optimal temperatures and reducing the risk of degradation and scrapped parts.

Practical Steps for Seamless Transitions

  • Regular Maintenance: To minimize residues, clean the system with Asaclean's purging compounds, especially before and after transitions.
  • Expert Consultation: Collaborate with Asaclean and Asahi Kasei Plastics experts to understand the specific needs and best practices for your manufacturing setup.
  • Monitor and Adjust: During transitions, keep a close eye on processing parameters, especially temperatures and pressures. Make real-time adjustments as needed to ensure consistent output.


Navigating the challenges posed by color streaking and material changeovers requires a combination of the right products and expert insights. Asaclean offers manufacturers a blend of industry-leading products and deep-rooted expertise.

The road to consistent, high-quality manufacturing might have its bumps. But the right partners can effectively address these challenges, ensuring that your products consistently meet the highest standards of quality and consistency. Remember, you're not alone in this journey. With Asaclean by your side, every transition becomes a step toward perfection.

Contact Asaclean®'s team of experts for personalized assistance and take your twin-screw extrusion operations to the next level.


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