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The True Cost of Purging: Why Asaclean Purging Compounds Are Worth the Investment

The True Cost of Purging: Why Asaclean Purging Compounds Are Worth the Investment

In the fast-paced world of plastics processing, facilities often overlook the value of high-quality purging compounds, such as Asaclean's. Companies might opt for seemingly cheaper alternatives, but what if we said there's more to cost-saving than just the price per pound?

Understanding the actual cost of purging involves more than just compound costs. It encompasses machine downtime, labor, wasted material, and even the quality of the final product. With Asaclean, you get more than just a cleaning agent – efficiency, savings, and quality assurance.

Here's how to break down the cost of purging your injection molding machines and extruders.

Purge Cost Factors

  • Machine Downtime Cost: Every hour your machine isn't running is a potential profit. Calculate this by multiplying total downtime hours with your machine's operational cost per hour.
  • Purge Material and Its Cost: Tracking the quantity and cost of your purging compound is vital. With Asaclean's efficient purging compounds, you will likely use less, optimizing your costs.
  • Replacement Resin Quantity and Cost: Monitor the amount and cost of replacement resin post-purging. Higher-quality purging compounds can reduce the need for excessive replacement resins.
  • Scrap Rates Impact: Effective purging reduces scrap rates. Monitor your scrap rates from the start to finish of each purge process to gauge efficiency.
  • Labor and Its Costs: How much time do your technicians spend during purging? Time is money. An efficient purging compound can significantly reduce labor hours, resulting in direct savings.

Determining Your Total Purging Cost

To truly grasp the cost-effectiveness of your purging compound, especially when using an industry leader like Asaclean, follow these steps:

  1. Machine Downtime Cost: Machine downtime hours × machine running cost/hour.
  2. Purge Material Cost: (Purge material used in pounds × price/pound) + (replacement resin quantity × price/pound) + cost of scrapped parts until quality production resumes.
  3. Labor Cost: Sum of (each labor category hours × their average hourly cost).
  4. Total Purging Cost: Combine costs from steps 1 through 3.

For a seamless calculation experience, utilize Asaclean's cost savings calculator, an intuitive tool designed to empower your facility with precise, actionable data.

Unlock Savings with Asaclean

A detailed understanding of your purging expenses unveils the hidden benefits of investing in superior purging compounds like Asaclean. Not only do you save on material costs, but the efficiency also boosts your machine's uptime, reduces labor hours, and minimizes resin waste.

With Asaclean purging compounds, injection molding and extruder cleaning are elevated to a new standard. Don't let perceived savings misguide your choice. Choose quality, efficiency, and reliability with Asaclean.
Dive deeper into maximizing your profitability with advanced purging procedures and products. Explore Asaclean's range and resources online for unparalleled industry insights.

Learn more about improving your profitability with proper purging procedures. 

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