Frequently Asked Questions

About ASACLEAN Purging Compounds

Find answers to the most commonly asked purging compound questions for comparing, purchasing and implementing ASACLEAN products. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, please contact a Purging Process Expert at ASACLEAN.

Question: Is there any concern of ASACLEAN reacting with any of the materials I process?

Answer: No. ASACLEAN is a resin-based purging compound of either styrenic or olefinic nature. There are no worries of ASACLEAN reacting with any processing resins, additives or colorants.

Question: Does ASACLEAN leave residue behind after purging?

Answer: ASACLEAN is generally considered to be a low-residue purging agent, making it suitable for most purging scenarios. For especially residue-sensitive materials, such as clear or soft materials, we have “low-residue” specialty grades including E Grade or U Grade.

Question: We are concerned about running any abrasive materials through our machines. Is your glass-filled EX Grade abrasive and could it cause any damage?

Answer: While this is a legitimate concern, all ASACLEAN grades are designed for maximum cleaning and minimal residue, while also being safe for the machines’ surfaces. EX Grade has high-scrubbing power yet is minimally abrasive. Using EX Grade is not the same as running a glass-filled processing resin because its residence time within the barrel is so short. There is virtually no wear and tear to the screw and barrel.

Question: Does ASACLEAN contain blowing agents?

Answer: Although some people may notice a small degree of expansion while purging, ASACLEAN does not contain any blowing agents.

Question: Does ASACLEAN have any ISO certifications?

Answer: ASACLEAN is manufactured in an ISO-certified facility.

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