How Does ASACLEAN Work?

Question How does ASACLEAN work? Answer We offer three types of ASACLEAN purging compounds; mechanical, chemical, and hybrid, and each works differently. Our mechanical purges are uniquely formulated to offer high material affinity to resins, carbon and color deposits. At the same time, they have a lower affinity to metal surfaces (screw, barrel, etc.), which exemplifies ASACLEAN’s lower-residue characteristics. ASACLEAN’s mechanical purging grades maintains an effective cleaning viscosity over a wide temperature range, making it ideal for purging virtually any processing resin. Chemical purging grades of ASACLEAN work with heat-activated chemical reactions to dislodge contaminants in the barrel, and each is formulated to offer different properties for specific applications. ASACLEAN’s hybrid grade is formulated to offer the benefits of both mechanical and chemical purging compounds, and uses chemical purging principles, with simplified procedures.