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3 Reasons to Use A Purging Concentrate…and 7 Very Likely Benefits

3 Reasons to Use A Purging Concentrate…and 7 Very Likely Benefits
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Purging compounds easily solve most processing issues, but there are times when it might feel like your headaches might never end.  You may see bursts of different colors, dots of different colors, etc. After trying numerous different amounts of purges and even at different temperatures, there are times your application is just difficult and there aren't easy solutions.  Or at least that was the case until recently. 

If you still struggle after trying high-quality purging compounds, these might be some of your issues: 
a) The resin base of the purge is not compatible (temp/MFR)
b) The purge isn't engineered for your needs
c) The correct instructions aren't followed. 

In our experience, we see these issues come up mostly with high-cavitation hot runners, cleaning dies in extrusion, clear applications, and also in purging blow molding machinery. Fortunately, Purging Concentrates offer the same cleaning power of Purging Compounds, but use your own resins so you won't run into the issues that plagued you in the past.  

Here are 7 benefits of using Purging Concentrates:

1.-Cost-per-purge should be lower depending on the production resin mixed with the concentrate

2.- Burst marks/residue are not created especially in clear or transparent resins reducing the total amount of purge used. Because you're displacing the purge with the same base material, it won't linger in subsequent parts. 

3.- You avoid the need to accumulate purge gaylords on the floor, saving space in the tool crib or warehouse.

4.- You'd only need between 15-20% concentrate with 80-85%  of your resin. You essentially mix your own purging compound designed for your specific needs.

5.- You dramatically cut back on part numbers when using the same concentrate with different resins instead of a part number for each purge if you are using several grades.

6.- Reduce the probability of making a mistake using a different purge than was specified.  In most cases, the same concentrate can be used for all  resins when combined before purging.

7.- As we mentioned before, it's the best solution for your hardest applications. #7 really tells you everything you need to know.

In conclusion, the use of a concentrate is a home run for applications that don't have easy solutions.

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