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Enhancing Mold Cleaning Efficiency: The Power of Chemical Purging Expansion

Enhancing Mold Cleaning Efficiency: The Power of Chemical Purging Expansion

We encountered an intriguing challenge during a recent project while purging a hot runner system for a dramatic color change. Using a mechanical purging compound, we achieved satisfactory cleaning. However, the quantity used was substantially higher than typical, impacting the cost-effectiveness of the process. This experience occurred with a new mold in our customer's plant and led to an insightful discovery.


Identifying Mold Challenges:

Our investigation revealed unique issues within the mold. A technician highlighted 'dead spots' in the mold's exterior castings, prone to clogging due to low flow, pressure issues, or design flaws. These spots resist cleaning by traditional mechanical methods, which rely on scrubbing actions that don't always reach the contamination effectively.

The Chemical Purging Solution:

Fortunately, we had a chance to test a chemical purging compound. The results were notably better, largely thanks to the compound's expansion properties. This expansion, caused by a chemical reaction and the release of gases, pushes the purging material into hard-to-reach areas, ensuring thorough cleaning.

Benefits of Chemical Purging:

This case illustrates how chemical purging can outperform mechanical methods in specific scenarios. In processes like injection molding, where control over pressure and speed is more accessible, the expansive nature of chemical reactions can still offer superior cleaning results.

Conclusion: Understanding and effectively implementing the right purging processes is crucial for maximizing productivity and efficiency in the thermoplastic process. Please get in touch to find out how bespoke purging compounds can specifically benefit your operations or to discuss how we can tailor a solution to meet your unique requirements. Contact me at lennyg@asaclean.com for a detailed discussion. Together, let's explore the potential of specialized purging compounds to enhance your process's efficiency and cost-effectiveness significantly.

Looking to implement a purge program in your plastic sheet extrusion process? Contact our team of experts for tailored solutions that can transform your production efficiency.


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