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Faster Color Changes & 40% Savings: An Indiana Molder's Success Story

Faster Color Changes & 40% Savings: An Indiana Molder's Success Story

The journey to mastering injection molding is a path laden with challenges, but every so often, I have the honor of assisting a manufacturer in overcoming these hurdles. Not long ago, I found myself at a molding facility in Indiana, at a facility manufacturing baby seats for cars and SUVs.

Upon my arrival, it was clear they were wrestling with two persistent foes – color changeovers and contamination. They were processing polypropylene, a notoriously tricky material, and the purging compounds they'd been using (supplied by a competitor) simply weren't cutting it.

In this manufacturer's case, these challenges had severe implications. They lost 35 shots on every black-to-white color change. Losing 35 parts to color streaking even using a competitor's compound. Simply put, that's 35 potential products squandered due to inefficiency, a hard pill to swallow for any business.

Seeing this, I knew there had to be a better way, and Asaclean's UF2 Grade purging compound was the perfect candidate. This product has been designed to address the pain points of color changeovers and contamination within the Olefin family.

Fast-forward to the implementation and the benefits of using Asaclean's UF2 Grade compound were immediately evident. This drastically reduced color changeover time, and scrap generated 40% savings for the manufacturer. That's not just a figure on paper - it's extra time and resources funneled back into productivity. 40% savings by changing purge compound providers – even at a higher price per lb.!

For Process Engineers, this transformation meant improved scrap rates and an increased number of good parts. Purchasing could dial back on raw materials thanks to fewer defective parts and less purge compound used.

In this industry, it's not uncommon to prioritize cost savings, sometimes leading to the choice of lower-quality purging compounds. However, as this case showed, the price per pound is less crucial than the price per purge. A high-quality purging compound might cost more upfront. Still, the overall cost savings outweigh the initial investment due to increased efficiency and reduced waste and downtime.

I recount this experience as a story of triumph against the odds and a testament to the benefits of high-quality purging compounds. In a market saturated with quick fixes and cost-cutting promises, Asaclean continues to champion efficiency and quality.

Remember, the limitations of your purging compounds shouldn't dictate your injection molding operations. Instead, like our friends in Indiana, your choice of purging compound should empower you to overcome challenges, enhance efficiency, and, ultimately, drive profitability. It's about choosing the right tool for the task, and Asaclean is here to make that choice easier.

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