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ASACLEAN™ Launches PLUS Grade, an Easy-to-Use Purging Concentrate That Super-Charges Your Own Processing Resins for Faster Cleaning

ASACLEAN™ Launches PLUS Grade, an Easy-to-Use Purging Concentrate That Super-Charges Your Own Processing Resins for Faster Cleaning

Asahi Kasei Asaclean Americas, manufacturer and distributor of Asaclean Purging Compounds, has officially launched PLUS Grade. 

PLUS Grade is a purging concentrate that offers the same performance and cleaning power of Asaclean Purging Compounds, but blends seamlessly using a processor’s own production resins. This heat-activated concentrate was designed with processors’ toughest applications in mind. PLUS is incredibly easy to use and cleans exceptionally well.

Vice President Phani Nagaraj says that customer demand drove the R&D for this new product. “Customers have been asking for an easy-to-use product that excels in difficult applications. For years, the injection molding market has been asking for an effective solution for purging hot runners and high cavitation tooling. Extrusion & blow molding plants have been asking for something that really performs with their existing processing temps/MFRs. PLUS Grade delivers in these areas along with other applications such as screw & barrel cleaning, on the fly color/material changeovers, contamination removal, and depending on your production resins, shut down & sealing."

PLUS can be mixed in with the production resin of your choice and is compatible with a broad range of resins. It's also an excellent cleaner with low-residue formula and its purging power can be tailored using a concentrate ration based on individual applications. PLUS super-charges your own resins but lives up to the reputation and performance of Asaclean’s strongest cleaning grades."

An early-adopting customer at a custom molding shop in the southeast saw a 62.5% reduction in scrap on their hot runner changeovers when they started a Purge Program using Asaclean PLUS Grade. PLUS is a preferred grade for high-cavitation molds, caps & closures, and other hot runner applications. Ray, the customer’s plant manager said, “This stuff was pretty shocking to me because, one, it was just so easy …and two, it cleans incredibly well.” He also was impressed with how PLUS provides value in shipping and storage. “It can’t get any easier than PLUS Grade, and a little goes a very long way.”

Leading up the official launch, PLUS was tested at several large extrusion & molding shops and saw results consistent with those seen at the custom molder. National Sales Manager, Rob Palmisano, said that customers are seeing dramatically faster changeover times on difficult changes. “We saw one customer go from black ABS to clear PC in one-barrel capacity. That was very eye-opening for us.” Palmisano added, “we’ve also seen excellent results in film & sheet extrusion. PLUS can fill the die completely edge to edge and is very easy to displace.”

“Additionally, my team has been blown away by the performance in clear applications. It’s our best low-residue grade yet.” Nagaraj agreed, “We’re seeing some of the best results we’ve ever seen in some of these tough applications. We’re thrilled to offer solutions to some of the biggest pain points in plastics manufacturing. I think people who trial PLUS will be very pleasantly surprised by the results."

PLUS Grade is available to trial and order starting today, June 1st, 2021.  Request a free 10 minute purging consultation here, and schedule your trial of Asaclean™ PLUS Grade today.

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