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Asaclean: Your Sustainable Manufacturing Partner

Asaclean: Your Sustainable Manufacturing Partner

The manufacturing industry is under scrutiny in a world grappling with environmental concerns. A focus on sustainability is no longer optional but a necessity. As industry leaders explore sustainable solutions, Asaclean emerges as a significant ally. Here's how partnering with Asaclean paves the way for a greener, more responsible manufacturing future.

Zero Landfill Initiative

Landfills compound our problems. They release methane, a potent greenhouse gas, and threaten groundwater and soil quality. By dramatically reducing scrap, Asaclean supports the zero landfill initiative. Less waste means fewer materials ending up in these sites, mitigating the environmental hazards of landfills.


Reduced Energy Consumption

Every minute a machine runs, it consumes energy. An efficient process that reduces machine downtime directly translates to energy savings. Asaclean ensures that equipment operates optimally with minimal interruptions. By facilitating smooth material transitions and reducing the need for maintenance stoppages, Asaclean contributes to significant energy savings.

Cutting Down on Regrind Costs

Regenerating scrap is both an economic and environmental challenge. The process consumes power and resources. Asaclean's effective purging reduces scrap generation, subsequently reducing the cost and energy of regrinding.

Recycling with PLUS Grade

One of Asaclean's standout offerings is the PLUS Grade – a masterbatch purge concentrate that integrates seamlessly with a processor's production material. Given the minimal loading percentages, post-purging material retains the qualities of production material. This unique feature means that if a plant can recycle or reuse its production material, the purging material falls within the same recyclable category.

However, it's vital to approach the recycling potential of the purge delicately. Recycling is a decision best made on a case-by-case basis at the plant level. While Asaclean's PLUS grade presents recyclability potential, the feasibility of recycling should be aligned with each facility's specific operational and environmental guidelines.

A Broader Vision for Sustainability

True sustainability encompasses more than just processes – it's a mindset. Beyond the tangible benefits, using Asaclean sends a clear message about a company's commitment to a greener planet. It signifies an understanding of the broader implications of industrial operations and a proactive approach towards minimizing adverse impacts.

Furthermore, in an era where consumers are increasingly environmentally conscious, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable operations can foster brand loyalty and open doors to markets that prioritize eco-friendly products.


Sustainability in manufacturing isn't merely about checking a box. It's about the responsible utilization of resources, minimizing environmental harm, and ensuring the longevity of our planet for future generations. In this endeavor, Asaclean isn't just a product – it's a partner, supporting industries in their journey towards a more sustainable future. 

Interested in trying our green grade of Asaclean at your plant? Request a Free Sample of Asaclean PLUS Grade today.

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