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Super Engineering Resins and Hot Runner Manifolds

Super Engineering Resins and Hot Runner Manifolds

I recently worked with a custom molder on the West Coast. He was having an issue with a particular hot runner tool that runs Radel (polyphenylsulfone). This tool is a 16 cavity mold that makes insulators. The material is processed around 640f and every time they run this job, the Radel material crystalized in the tool and would need to be sent out to be burned clean. It has become a very costly job to run.

I suggested he try our Asaclean PF Grade to not only clean the screw and barrel but also get the Radel out of the hot runner manifold. He could then leave the PF grade in the manifold as a sealant to prevent the degradation from occurring during shutdowns and startups.

PF was the right solution to their problem. Now, my customer is no longer sending this troublesome tool out to be burned clean. The PF grade has worked very well to clean and seal the tool. He was very grateful for the technical support he gets from Asaclean.

Now if you are processing resins like PPSU, PEEK, PEKK, PEI, or any other super engineering resins through hot runner tools and are experiencing issues, keep in mind that we have solutions made just for you.

Learn about the importance of implementing proper purging procedures by downloading this free industry guide.

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