HP Grade – Polypropylene

Purging Compound For Hot Runner Systems

HP Grade purging compound was specifically developed for polypropylene color changes for large parts and hot runner cleaning. Its higher melt flow makes HP Grade suitable for cleaning hot runner systems.

HP Grade Purging Compound Features

  • Higher melt flow for hot runner cleaning.
    HP Grade’s higher melt flow is ideal to make color changes for large parts commonly seen in machines larger than 450 tons.
  • HP Grade is moldable.
    In order to clean the hot runner system, the parts must be molded out of the purging compound.

HP Grade Purging Compound Applications*

HP See our other grades
applications Color Changes checkmar EX, UP, U, EPF, PX2NB, NC, NFNH
Material Changes EX, UP, U, E, PF, PX2NB, NC, NFNH
Hot Runner Cleaning checkmark UP, U, E, PFNH
Shutdown/Sealing checkmark UP, U, E, PFNB, NC
Clear/Low Residue Applications E
High Temperature Resins EX, PF, PX2
Low Temperature Resins E
Carbon/Color Contamination EX, U, PX2NFNH

*HP Grade’s processing temperature is 170°C to 300°C (340°F to 570°F). HP Grade requires a 0.5 mm (0.020″) clearance for hot runner gates and extrusion dies. It’s best to remove screen packs; however, if that’s not possible use the maximum 100 mesh size. Please connect with a Purging Process Expert for further information.

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Tips For Proper Usage Of ASACLEAN

  • For maximum performance, ASACLEAN should not be diluted with other materials.
  • ASACLEAN does not work by chemical reaction, so there is no soak time or hold-up time required for an effective purge. (Mechanical Purge Grades)
  • ASACLEAN works best with maximum agitation – use the maximum safe screw speed and, for thermoplastic injection molding, also use maximum safe back pressure with the screw in the most forward position. (Mechanical Purge Grades)

Purging Compound Process Resource Center

Running a purging compound through your thermoplastic injection molding machines and extruders isn’t always a straightforward task.

We offer you a resource center featuring a library of training videos, guidelines, technical documentation and step-by-step instructions.

Our goal is to make sure answers to your purging compound questions are always within reach.

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