NH Grade Purging Compound (Formerly InstaPurge® HM)

NH Grade is a Mechanical purging compound especially formulated for effective hot runner cleaning. NH Grade is suited for color and material changes for thermoplastic injection molding and injection blow molding (IRM) machines. (Formerly InstaPurge® HM)
arrow Injection Molding Hot Runner Cleaning arrow Styrenic-Based
arrow Non-abrasive, non-agglomerating polishing filler
arrow Preferred injection blow molding (IBM) grade – OEM endorsed.

Resins Purged: Most commodity grade resins within the processing temperature range.

NH See our other grades
applications Color Changes checkmar EX, UP, HP, U, E, PF, PX2, NFNBNC
Material Changes checkmark EX, UP, HP, U, EPF, PX2, NFNBNF
Hot Runner Cleaning checkmark UP, HP, U, E, PF
Shutdown/Sealing UP, HP, U, E, PFNB, NC
Clear/Low Residue Applications E
High Temperature Resins EXPFPX2
Low Temperature Resins E
Carbon/Color Contamination checkmark EX, U, PX2NF

Processing temperature: 180°C to 330°C (355°F to 625°F)
NH Grade requires a 0.76 mm (0.030”) clearance for hot runner gates and extrusion dies.

*If using material between 330-360°C (625-680 °F), local ventilation is required.

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Tips when using ASACLEAN N-Series Mechanical Purging Compound:

arrow No soak time is required for an effective purge.
arrow For maximum performance, ASACLEAN should not be diluted with other materials.
arrow ASACLEAN mechanical grades work best with maximum agitation. Use the maximum safe screw
speed with maximum safe back pressure, while keeping the screw in the forward position.