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NPE 2024: Gear Up with Asaclean's Free Passes & Purging Power!

NPE 2024: Gear Up with Asaclean's Free Passes & Purging Power!

Plastic processors and manufacturers, take note! NPE 2024 (May 6th-10th, Orlando) is on the horizon. Asaclean, your purging partner, offers FREE passes to get you there. But before you dive into the expo floor, let's sharpen your purging skills!

Master Purging for Peak Performance:

  • Right Purge, Right Job: Not all purging compounds are equal. Match material compatibility, cleaning power, and processing temperature for optimal results.
  • Two-Stage Triumph: Stubborn color changes? A two-stage clean is your hero. Use a high-scrub compound first, followed by a low-residue chaser for a spotless finish.
  • Temperature & Speed: These settings significantly impact purging. Consult your purge compound's data sheet and experiment to find the sweet spot for your equipment and materials.
  • Prevention is Key: Regular purging minimizes material buildup, preventing costly downtime for deep cleaning.

Upgrade Your Expertise at NPE (Booth W 2181):

Grab your free NPE pass through Asaclean and visit us! Witness live purging demos, enter exciting giveaways, and stay tuned for exclusive NPE announcements.

Deepen Your Knowledge: The Asaclean Digital Showroom

Asaclean's digital showroom is a valuable resource to explore our purging solutions:

  • Product Showcase: Immerse yourself in videos and pictures showcasing Asaclean's purging compounds in action.
  • Meet the Experts: Get to know our experienced sales team, which is dedicated to helping you find the perfect purging solution for your needs. 

Ready to elevate your purging game? Secure your free NPE pass and visit Asaclean at Booth W 2181. Let's unlock optimal production performance together!


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