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Proactive & Reactive Purging

Proactive & Reactive Purging

Two Kinds of Purging

Although there are countless different kinds of processors that can benefit from purging compounds, we find that there are ultimately two kinds of users: Proactive & Reactive.

Proactive processors use purge to optimize efficiency and purge before problems arise to keep running good parts with limited downtime. 

Reactive processors only use purge when there is a production issue like black specs or streaking. While we supply both types of users, we strongly encourage everyone to implement a regular purge program to get the most out of your process.

If you purge for every color or material change, you are proactive in that you are utilizing your CPC for preventative maintenance.  When used for every material or color change, it is doing a preventative maintenance.  Not only does the purge help quickly go from one job to the next saving valuable down-time, it also removes amorphous carbon before if leads to a contamination problem or carbon deposits.  Also, proactively using purging compounds improves part-to-part quality with fewer rejects.

As illustrated through years of customer CSAs (Cost Savings Analysis), it is exponentially more cost effective to use a purge compound in a proactive manner than to rush and use purge when you are already faced with major problems. Furthermore, waiting until you contamination issues could end up necessitating otherwise unnecessary screw pulls.

If you want to establish an effective purge program, work with a Purging Expert to select a grade and learn best practices for how to use it. Then isolate one machine in the plant to apply this practice while using the CSA form for every changeover for some period of time.  Once you’ve documented the success and established a standard operating procedure for purge use, then it can easily be applied to other machines throughout your plant.   

It’s great to keep an eye on price, but often cutting corners will end up costing you over time.  

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