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Enhancing Color Changeover Efficiency with Purging Compounds: Benefits of On-Site Testing

Enhancing Color Changeover Efficiency with Purging Compounds: Benefits of On-Site Testing

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Introduction: Efficient color changeovers are crucial in the manufacturing sector, as they enable seamless transitions between production runs and significantly reduce costly downtime. Purging compounds, especially those tailored for specific tasks, play an instrumental role in enhancing this efficiency. This blog post delves into recent on-site customer testing of Asaclean's purging concentrate, PLUS grade, exploring emerging challenges, innovative solutions, and actionable insights to optimize your color changeover process.

Test Focus and Setup:

  • Test Objective: Transitioning color from gray to orange using an extrusion twin-screw production line.
  • Purge Used: Asaclean's PLUS mix at a 25% concentration with PP pellet resin. 

Challenges and Insights:

  • Inadequate Pre-Cleaning:
    • Challenge: The initial cleaning of the hopper, auger, and feed throat was insufficient, affecting the accuracy of test results and reducing the efficacy of the purge process.
    • Insight: Comprehensive disassembly and equipment cleaning before purging are crucial to eliminating contamination and ensuring effective and efficient color transitions.
  • Carbon Buildup on Breaker Plate:
    • Challenge: Persistent carbon accumulation in the breaker plate and screen pack caused black streaks during the color change, disrupting the process.
    • Insight: Regular maintenance and purging of breaker plates, screens, and dies are crucial to prevent carbon buildup and ensure cleaner color transitions.

Strategic Recommendations:

  • Prioritize Thorough Equipment Cleaning: Ensure that all components involved in material mixing and feeding are meticulously cleaned before each purge. This proactive approach reduces contamination, decreases purging time, and optimizes material usage.
  • Maintain Consistency in Breaker Plate and Screen Care: Establish a routine purging schedule to maintain these components regularly. Keeping these areas clean helps achieve faster and more efficient color changeovers, maintaining continuous production flow.

Conclusion: Maintaining efficiency during color changeovers is not just about preserving time; it's about enhancing overall manufacturing throughput and reducing operational costs. The insights from our on-site testing with Asaclean's PLUS grade purging compound underscore the critical nature of meticulous equipment maintenance and routine purging practices. By implementing these strategies, manufacturers can significantly boost operational efficiency, curtail downtime, and elevate productivity. Interested in optimizing your production line? Contact our team for a personalized consultation or to see a demo of our solutions in action.

Contact Asaclean today to discuss your specific purging needs and discover how we can help you unlock optimal production uptime.

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