Following the Acquisition of Novachem, ASACLEAN™ Showcases N Series of Chemical Purging Compounds at NPE 2018

By:Tom Hanvey on March 9, 2018

Shortly after NPE 2015, Sun Plastech, Inc. acquired the well-regarded Novachem company. This NPE, Asaclean will promote their mechanical and chemical purging compounds to solve problems for wide-ranging processes.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA—ASACLEAN™, the industry-leading brand of commercial purging compounds for thermoplastic injection molders and extruders, has introduced a line of purging chemical purging compounds to complement its existing, set of mechanical compounds.  ASACLEAN’s N Series of heat-activated chemical purging compounds excel in a wide range of plastics manufacturing applications, including injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and blown film.  

A noted benefit of chemical purging compounds is their rapid foaming action when activated by heat.  This sturdy yet flowing constitution allows chemical compounds to expand to clean difficult-to-access areas in machines where thorough purges between runs are necessary.  Another advantage is particle size: in a melted state, N Series chemical purges are sub-micron, making for quick, easy displacement with a supplementary carrier resin.

The following are details on products comprising ASACLEAN’s N Series of chemical purging compounds:

  • NCR Grade (formerly Supernova™ Regular): A versatile, high-performance chemical purging compound well suited for color and material changes for thermoplastic injection molding and extrusion machines. NCR Grade has a wide service temperature range encompassing most commodity and engineering grade resins processed up to 360°C (680°F), making it unnecessary to stock multiple grades.
  • NCT Grade (formerly Supernova™ HT): A chemical purging compound for high-temperature resins such as ULTEM™, PEEK and liquid crystal polymers that can process at temperatures as high as 750° F. NCT Grade is well suited for color and material changes for thermoplastic injection molding, extrusion, and extrusion blow molding machines. NCT grade can be used for sealing and shutting down machines to prevent carbon on start-ups.
  • NCF Grade (formerly Supernova™ FD): A high-performance chemical purging compound well suited for color and material changes for thermoplastic film systems and similar applications, including both flexible and rigid PVCs.
  • NCH Grade (formerly Hybrid 400™): A high-performance purging compound formulated to offer the benefits of both mechanical and chemical purging compounds. NCH Grade is suited for color and material changes for thermoplastic extrusion, as well as extrusion blow molding machines. Effective when used for sealing and shutting down machines to prevent carbon on start-ups.

ASACLEAN’s N Series also includes more traditional mechanical purging compounds, including NL Grade, NH Grade, NC Grade and NF Grade.

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ASACLEAN is the worldwide leader in commercial purging compounds. Their product line features mechanical & chemical grades that are scientifically-engineered for optimal performance based on your process & resins. Asaclean purges are optimized for injection molding, extrusion, film & sheet, blow-molding, & blown-film applications. Asaclean benefits include faster changeovers/reduced downtime, effective removal of color/carbon contamination, reduced screw-pulls, lower scrap/reject rate, increased productivity and greater cost savings. Manufactured and distributed by Sun Plastech, Inc., Asaclean products are backed by the technology and resources of parent organization, Asahi Kasei Group. Request a free sample at

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